Twitter Fake Follower Check

Check fake followers, unfollowers, track followers growth and analyze the followers of any Twitter account

Run fake followers audit of any public Twitter account without notifying them in any way. All your information is completely confidential and safe with us.

Advanced AI-based Self-learning Twitter Tracking Tool

Check Fake Twitter Followers

Audit entire followers list of your account, or any public Twitter account. Easily find fake, inactive or bot followers.

Fake & Inactive Followers List

Get the list of Fake, inactive and all the followers of the Twitter account. Download the list and take action accordingly.

Twitter Follower Tracker

Track the followers growth rate of any Twitter account in real-time. Get real time metrics related to the accounts that followed or unfollowed you or any other Twitter account.

Analyze Twitter Followers

Analyze Twitter Followers of any Twitter account and get lots of useful analytical insights about your active, inactive, fake and spam followers on Twitter

Twitter Unfollowers

Easily identify the accounts which have unfollowed your account or any targeted Twitter account. Get real time alerts whenever a new unfollower is added to the list.

Check Fake Twitter Followers
Check Fake Twitter Followers
Fake & Inactive Followers List
Fake & Inactive Followers List
Twitter Follower Tracker
Twitter Follower Tracker
Analyze Twitter Followers
Analyze Twitter Followers
Twitter Unfollowers
Twitter Unfollowers
Real Time Tracking

Run Twitter audit of your account and identify fake followers

Our advanced AI driven algorithm lets you run a Twitter audit of your or any other public account and identify fake twitter followers , spam, bot and inactive followers.

It fetches and analyzes all the followers data of a Twitter account and identifies the fake followers on the basis of credentials such as followers-following ratio, improper name and username, suspicious account activities, and many such factors.

Some of the key features of FollowerAudit include:

  • Run a Twitter audit and analyze all of the Twitter followers in real-time.
  • Identify the number of bot, fake followers and inactive followers.
  • Check the list of all the fake, inactive and all the followers of the Twitter account.
  • Download the individuals lists in Excel/CS format.
  • Run fake followers audit of any other public Twitter account.
  • Twitter account’s credibility identification.
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Track Followers Growth

Track followers growth of any Twitter account in real-time with FollowerAudit. Know how many accounts have followed and unfollowed a Twitter account in a day.

You can instantly check the growth metrics of your followers demonstrated on an illustrative graph. Let’s check out how you can benefit by understanding Twitter Followers growth.

  • Check follower growth rate of any Twitter account.
  • Check the number of followers accounts added and deleted on daily basis.
  • Check average growth rate of the followers of a Twitter account.
  • Keep track of net followers growth.
  • Precise statistics about who followed you on your social timeline.
  • Identify spam followers and fake followers percentage from your entire followers list.
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Measure and Analyze Unfollowers

FollowerAudit lets you keep track of all your unfollowers. Get individual account specific information for all the users who have unfollowed you. The unfollow list is updated in real time.

  • Get detailed unfollow stats.
  • Track Twitter unfollowers.
  • Identify accounts which do not follow you back.
  • Track and Unfollow accounts which unfollowed you right from our dashboard.
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Measure and Analyze Followers

Analyze the followers of any Twitter account with our analytical platform. Our tool fetches details of all the Twitter followers, analyzes the data and provides lots of useful analytics.

Some of the analytics are:

  • Followers last tweet date vs their account age.
  • Tweet, Followers and following count of Twitter account followers.
  • Percentage of verified and protected followers.
  • Followers language analysis.
  • Most popular and most active followers.
  • Check fake twitter followers.
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Compare fake followers audit report of multiple Twitter accounts

Compare fake followers audit report of multiple Twitter accounts using Followeraudit.

The comparison helps you identify the authenticity of Twitter accounts in comparison to others. The comparison can be done among the audited Twitter accounts.

The comparison focuses on the percentage of fake and inactive followers, FA score, number of Tweets, likes, followers and following of the Twitter accounts and many more.

Below are the metrics which can be compared between the Twitter accounts.

  • Comparison between percentage of fake and inactive followers,
  • Comparison of the FA Score (More the FA score more will be the account's authenticity and real followers)
  • Compare followers quality graph,
  • Compare followers' Twitter joining date in a graphical presentation,
  • Compare verified and protected Twitter followers percentage

FollowerAudit Features

Export To Excel
Get Twitter audit and identify bot and fake followers

FollowerAudit will provide you with the list of your or any other public Twitter account’s bot or fake followers after running a successful Twitter audit.

Intuitive Analytical Dashboard
Find Inactive followers

Get a list of all the inactive or dormant accounts from any targeted followers list.

Intuitive Analytical Dashboard
Get Fake & Inactive Twitter Followers List

Audit your Twitter account and get a separate list of fake and inactive Twitter followers on dashboard and downloadable CV/Excel format.

Date Range Selection
Track Followers Growth

Followeraudit’s Twittter followers growth tracker track daily, weekly and monthly follower growth trends of your followers. Easily separate fake followers from the real ones.

Details Influencers Data
Av. followers Gain/lost

Track the average rate at which you gain or lose followers.

Language Analysis
Check your unfollowers

Identify all the accounts which have unfollowed you or your competition.

Get Predictive Analysis
Check new Twitter followers/following

FollowerAudit easily keeps track of all your's or your competition's new followers and following.

Details Influencers Data

FollowerAudit let's you customize all the metrics for tracking and identifying the growth as well as unfollowing patterns for any targeted Twitter account.

Monthly and Yearly susbcription
Notifications & Alerts

Get real time notifications & alerts as soon as any new account follows or unfollows you or your competition.

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