X (Twitter) Fake Follower Check

Check fake followers and analyze the followers of any X (Twitter) account

Run fake followers audit of any public X (Twitter) account without notifying them in any way. All your information is completely confidential and safe with us.

Advanced AI-based Self-learning X (Twitter) Tool

Check Fake X (Twitter) Followers

Audit the entire follower list of your account or any public X (Twitter) account. Easily find fake, inactive, or bot followers.

Analyze X (Twitter) Followers

Analyze X (Twitter) Followers of any X (Twitter) account and get lots of useful analytical insights about your active, inactive, fake, and spam followers on X (Twitter).

Check Fake Twitter Followers
Check Fake X (Twitter) Followers
Analyze Twitter Followers
Analyze X (Twitter) Followers

FollowerAudit Features

Real Time Tracking

Run an X (Twitter) audit of your account and identify fake followers

Our advanced Al-driven algorithm lets you run an X(Twitter) audit of your or any other public accounts and identify fake X (Twitter) followers, spam, bots, and inactive followers.

It fetches and analyzes all the followers' data of an X (Twitter) account and identifies the fake followers based on credentials such as followers-following ratio, improper name, and username, suspicious account activities, and many other factors.

Some of the key features of FollowerAudit include:

  • Run an X (Twitter) audit and analyze all of the X (Twitter) followers.
  • Identify the number of bots, fake followers, and inactive followers.
  • Check the list of all the fake, inactive, and all the followers of the X (Twitter) account.
  • Run fake followers audit of any other public X (Twitter) account.
  • X (Twitter) account's credibility identification.
Historical hashtag data

Measure and Analyze Followers

Analyze the followers of any X (Twitter) account with our analytical platform. Our tool fetches details of all the X (Twitter) followers, analyzes the data, and provides lots of useful analytics.

Some of the analytics are:

  • Followers' last tweet date vs their account age.
  • Tweet, Followers, and following count of X (Twitter) account followers.
  • Followers language analysis.
  • Most popular and most active followers.
  • Check fake X (Twitter) followers.
Key Influencers

Compare fake followers audit reports of multiple X (Twitter) accounts

Compare fake followers audit reports of multiple X (Twitter) accounts using Followeraudit.

The comparison helps you identify the authenticity of X (Twitter) accounts in comparison to others. A comparison can be made among the audited X (Twitter) accounts. The comparison focuses on the percentage of fake and inactive followers, FA score, number of Tweets, likes, followers, followings of the X (Twitter) accounts, and many more.

Below are the metrics which can be compared between the X (Twitter) accounts.

  • Comparison between the percentage of fake and inactive followers,
  • Comparison of the FA Score (The more the FA score the account's authenticity and real followers)
  • Compare follower's quality graph.

FollowerAudit Key Highlights

Export To Excel
Get X (Twitter) audit and identify bot and fake followers

FollowerAudit will provide you with the list of your or any other public X (Twitter) account's bot or fake followers after running a successful X (Twitter) audit.

Details Influencers Data
Av. followers Gain/lost

Track the average rate at which you gain or lose followers.

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