About us

We are a team of tightly knit, passionate technology enthusiasts who strive for greater things. We share this enthusiasm with our clients who trust us for providing them with authentic Twitter profile audit data and analysis.

FollowerAudit along with FollowersAnalysis & TrackMyHashtag are a part of our parent organization, Bytesview Analytics Private Limited. We are a social media analytics company specializing in anything related to Twitter.


FollowerAudit is a premier Twitter follower auditing platform that helps its users in identifying fake followers and followings from any public Twitter account.

The sheer magnitude of fake Twitter followers led us to develop a platform that was easy to use and provided detailed information related to fake followers.

The gravity of the fake follower epidemic prompted us to develop a platform that can help Twitter users in identifying fake followers from any public account.

We developed FollowerAudit for the sole purpose of redefining Twitter connections quality and ensuring the authenticity of the entire Twitter landscape.

We have successfully identified and analyzed thousands of fake and bot accounts and developed proprietary algorithms that make FollowerAudit one of the most precise fake follower spotting platform.

Our Story

Since the year 2016, a lot has been said about the impact that fake and bot accounts subdue on Twitter. Twitter itself has carried the mantle and vowed to exterminate each and every fake account on the platform. But, there is so much that a single organisation can do.

FollowerAudit takes the fight to fake followers on a hyper-local level and assists individual users and brands in identifying and rooting out fake Twitter followers. Twitter is an authentic source of information, let’s ensure it maintains its authenticity by using FollowerAudit!

We are constantly evolving

We are always on the lookout of new possibilities and strive to exceed our user's expectations. We are constantly experimenting new ideas and incorporating changes as per the times. Twitter is a powerful tool and we aim to harness its power for you. Together, we can make Twitter a better place!

Our Goals

While developing FollowerAudit our primary objective was to make sure that all Twitter users are aware of the extent to which this fake follower epidemic has reached. Hence, we provide all of our basic functionality for free (and always will). Everyone deserves to use good products and FollowerAudit will function perfectly for you if you have up to 5000 followers in your Twitter account.

Join us in the movement and make Twitter a better place.