Why do I have to login using X (Twitter)?

This is a compulsory first step enforced by X (Twitter). Logging in ensures that you are an authentic X (Twitter) user and not a spammer. We never store, use or sell any personal information of X (Twitter) users neither will we post anything on your behalf. Promise!

Does a X (Twitter) User gets notified if someone audits their account?

No, the X (Twitter) user won’t know if someone audits their account using FollowerAudit. You can audit X (Twitter) profile of any user without notifying them.

How does FollowerAudit calculate fake followers?

FollowerAudit analyzes many data points related to followers of a X (Twitter) account. Activity level, suspicious activities, suspicious profile details and various other metrics are analyzed for calculating the number of fake followers.

How does FollowerAudit calculate inactive followers?

Inactive followers are identified if a X (Twitter) follower is inactive for more than 6 months. Inactive means the X (Twitter) user has not posted any tweet, retweet or reply.

Can we remove my inactive/Fake followers in bulk?

No, you can not remove inactive and fake followers in bulk with FollowerAudit. We do not provide this option, and do not recommend it as it is against X (Twitter)’s guidelines. Removing accounts in bulk is considered as spam which may lead to your account getting banned on X (Twitter).

How accurate is your calculation?

FollowerAudit’s algorithms analyzes every data point to check the authenticity of each follower of a X (Twitter) account. You can be assured that our calculation is 99% accurate.

How can you upgrade your subscription plan?

You can upgrade your subscription plan anytime. To upgrade your plan, drop an email at contact@followeraudit.com mentioning your current subscription plan and the plan you are looking to upgrade. We also need email id and X (Twitter) username with which you logged into FollowerAudit.

What to do when you purchase a wrong subscription plan and want to change it?

In case you purchased a wrong subscription plan and want to change it, drop an email at contact@followeraudit.com. We will change your subscription plan and will refund or deduct the amount (as applicable).

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Once you have cancelled your subscription, you won’t be billed for the subsequent months. However, your plan will stay active until its validity expires.

Does FollowerAudit store payment information?

We do not store any payment related information on our servers. All our payments are handled by Stripe & PayPal with end to end TLS encryption. You can be assured; your data is safe with us.

What payment options do I have other than PayPal & Stripe?

Just send an email to contact@followeraudit.com and we will get back to you with alternate payment options.

How can FollowerAudit help me in my social media campaign?

FollowerAudit can help you identify fake, inactive and spam followers to get rid of them and make your caimpaign more successful.