Analyze Followers of any X (Twitter) Account.

FollowerAudit's Al-driven analytics allows you to analyze X (Twitter) followers, based on various aspects. It provides lots of useful analytics that can help in analyzing any X (Twitter) account.

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FollowersAudit Al-driven algorithms run X (Twitter) followers analysis of millions of followers at once.

FollowersAudit analyzes all of your followers and provides various analytical insights

Advanced AI-based X(Twitter) FollowersAudit

Fake Followers stats
Fake Followers Stats

Discover the authenticity of your X (Twitter) followers through our Fake Followers Stats. We provide a breakdown of your follower base into three key categories:

  • Percentage of Fake Followers: Uncover the extent of potentially artificial accounts in your followership.
  • Percentage of Inactive Followers: Understand the proportion of followers who may not actively engage with your content.
  • Percentage of Active Followers: Identify the vibrant segment of your audience actively participating in your Twitter journey.
Total Follower Audit Score

FA Score: Get a comprehensive overview of your X (Twitter) presence with our Total Follower Audit Score. This score, calculated based on various factors, encapsulates the health and authenticity of your follower base, providing a clear benchmark for your Twitter influence.

Worldwide Average FollowerAudit Score: Compare your X (Twitter) influence on a global scale with the Worldwide Average FollowerAudit Score. Gain insights into how your follower quality stacks up against users around the world, fostering a deeper understanding of your reach and impact

Follower Following tweet count of twitter account
Followers Quality graph
Follower Quality Graph

Our Follower Quality Graph breaks down your followers based on their respective quality scores out of 10. Uncover the distribution of follower quality, helping you identify segments with the highest authenticity and engagement potential.

Detailed Follower Audit

Delve into the specifics of your follower base with our Detailed Follower Audit. Gain valuable insights with counts of followers falling into key categories:

  • Followers with Very Few Tweets: Identify users with minimal Twitter activity.
  • Followers with Very Few Followers: Spot individuals with limited followership.
  • Followers Without Bios: Recognize accounts lacking essential profile information.
  • Followers with Uneven Followers-Following Ratio: Uncover imbalances in follower relationships.
  • Followers Without Location Information: Understand the distribution of followers without location details.
  • Followers Without URL: Identify accounts without external URLs in their profiles.
  • Followers with Spammy Name/Username: Flag potential spam or inauthentic accounts based on suspicious names or usernames.
Detailed Follower Audit

Benefits & Applications of X (Twitter) Followers analysis

X (Twitter) followers analysis has several benefits. Let's have a look at some of them:

FollowerAudit helps in identifying fake twitter followers
FollowerAudit helps in identifying fake X (Twitter) followers in bulk

FollowersAudit analyzes X (Twitter) followers and provides you with the analysis of various key metrics related to your followers. With its advanced Al-driven algorithms, FollowersAudit can analyze X (Twitter) followers in bulk without missing a single account. This can help you identify fake followers.

Get a comprehensive analytical shareable PDF report
Get a comprehensive analytical & shareable PDF report

FollowersAudit analyzes X (Twitter) followers and provides you with the analytics in the form of an illustrative PDF report. The report includes detailed insights that can help you in the analysis and getting insights about X's (Twitter) follower base.