Twitter Follower Check

FollowerAudit’s AI driven Twitter follower analysis tool analyzes your entire Twitter follower list, and provides you with the list of fake followers once the auditing is completed.

Run fake followers audit of any public Twitter account without notifying them in any way. All your information is completely confidential and safe with us.

Check Follower stats on an illustrative Social Graph.

FollowerAudit analyzes your Twitter account and demonstrates all your data on a beautiful graph along with other insights.

Advanced AI based Twitter follower check platform

Analyze & Identify fake followers of any Twitter account

FollowerAudit’s AI driven Twitter follower analysis analyzes your entire Twitter follower list and provides you with insightful results along with a list of fake followers. After successful auditing, it diversifies your Twitter followers on the basis of three segments, Real (Active), Inactive (Dormant) or fake (bots or spam). This segmentation allows you to instantly derive crucial information about your follower base.

  • Segment your Twitter followers on the basis of active followers, inactive followers or fake & spam accounts.
  • Get information about Twitter accounts who followed or unfollowed you.
  • Get accurate analytics and maximum ROI from your social media campaign.
  • Identify fake and inactive accounts in your followers list and remove them to increase Twitter account authority.
Identify Fake Followers
Fake Followers List
Get a List of all Fake and Inactive Accounts

Followeraudit's Fake Twitter followers tracker will provide you with the list of all the fake followers and inactive followers in the audit report. This will help you in identifying each individual account that is fake or inactive in your profile.

Having fake and inactive followers can put negative impact on your account, it can also cause your engagement rate to drop. Followeraudit helps you to identify such accounts so that you can take necessary step likes – removing, unfollowing or blocking those accounts to improve your performance on Twitter.

This will also make your campaigns more effective with all the real followers who are willing to engage to your content.

Twitter Followers Check List for fake twitter followers

FollowerAudit analyzes your followers list and comes up with numerous metrics to check fake twitter followers. These metrics can help you differentiate low quality & high-quality Twitter accounts. Let’s have a look at some of the metrics analyzed by FollowerAudit to identify undesired and fake followers.

  • Zero tweets (vs. profile creation date).
  • Zero followers (vs. profile creation date).
  • Specific tweet patterns.
  • Dubious profile image.
  • Dubious username.
  • Bulk tweeting.
  • Ratio of follower to following.
  • Absence of user bio.
Twitter Followers Check List

Benefits & Applications of Twitter Follower Check

FollowerAudit's Twitter follower checker can greatly benefit your social media campaign. There are a number of ways in which regular Twitter follower audit can enhance your social media performance and increase your engagement rate by removing fake followers.

Identify Fake, Bot or Inactive Accounts
Identify Fake, Bot or inactive accounts

FollowerAudit's fake Twitter follower checker allows you to check fake Twitter followers from your account or any targeted account's follower base on the basis of three key segments. These are Active followers, inactive followers and spam accounts. Once this segmentation is completed, you can easily identify which exact accounts to unfollow.

Competition Tracking and Analysis
Competition Tracking & Analysis

Social Media has turned into a marketing platform. Brands and organizations are competing fiercely for attention. Suppose you denote your competition as brand A, FollowerAudit’s fake Twitter follower checker can easily check followers of ‘A’ and provide answers to questions such as who is following brand A, what is the follower growth rate of brand A, who unfollowed brand A, etc.

This information is laid out on an illustrative graph with metrics updated on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

Build a Good Reputation
Builds a Good Reputation

If you run a business page or are an influencer then FollowerAudit is the best tool for you! Providing you with the best of services to handle your account. It will check followers of your profile and filter out all the fake followers, providing you with list of all the fake and inactive followers to identify and remove them. This improves the quality of your followers which assures a good engagement rate, more successful campaigns, and good reputation. FollowerAudit’s fake Twitter follower checker also checks and lists the spam and inactive followers from your account.

Accurate Analytics Insights
Get accurate analytical insights

Analytical outcomes depend on the accuracy of data points. If the data is flawed, the accuracy of the analytical outcomes will also be affected. FollowerAudit provides you with a list of fake and inactive followers and lets you identify each individual account so that you can take necessary steps like removing or blocking those accounts. Removing those accounts will increase the authenticity of your account and help to get rid of spams.

Periodic Twitter Audit
Periodic Twitter audit can improve your account authenticity tremendously

Authenticity of Twitter account depends on the quality of your followers.

FollowerAudit audits your Twitter profile and checks fake Twitter followers of your account, providing you with the list of all the fake followers and inactive followers. Removing those fake followers will increase the authenticity of your Twitter account.

Identify Span Followers
Identify Spam Followers

There are many spam accounts present on Twitter which may spread spam on your feed by posting irrelevant comments and affect your news feed. Spam followers also decrease the engagement rate on your posts. FollowerAudit helps you to identify those spam and fake followers from your account so that you can take necesarry steps to get rid of them.

FollowerAudit’s fake Twitter follower checker also checks and lists down the inactive followers in your account.