Track Twitter Followers & Following growth of any Twitter account in Real-Time.

Twitter followers tracker helps you to track Twitter followers and following, added or deleted. Check follower growth percentage daily and identify those users who followed or unfollowed your (or your competitor's) Twitter accounts and take the required action from FollowerAudit dashboard.

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Get Real Time Followers Growth Statistics

Twitter Followers Tracker provides you with statistics illustrated on your social graph

Advanced AI based Twitter Followers Growth Analyzer

Track Twitter Followers & Following Growth of Any Twitter User.

FollowerAudit is a comprehensive Twitter follower tracking tool which can help you in identifying trends in the growth of your Twitter followers. It can help you in tracking follower growth rate from your own account or any public Twitter account. The social graph is updated on daily basis.

  • Twitter follower growth percentage tracker.
  • Twitter following growth percentage tracker.
  • Inorganic fake Twitter follower tracker.
  • Get instant updates whenever a new follower follows you or an old follower unfollows you.
Track Twitter Followers
track competitor followers growth
Track Twitter Followers and Following of Your Competitor

FollowerAudit’s Twitter follower tracker can provide you with insights into your competitors Twitter followers growth. Get follower growth percentage along with quantifiable growth metrics which can serve as RAW data for strategizing your social media campaign.

  • Track your competitor’s Twitter follower growth percentage.
  • Track your competitor’s Twitter following growth percentage.
  • Identify performance enhancing activities which lead to Twitter follower growth.
Get Precise Follower Growth Statistics

FollowerAudit Track Twitter followers feature provides you with accurate follower growth data from your own account or any public Twitter account. You can Easily identify high and low performing metrics which can help you in analyzing trends which affect the growth of your follower base

  • Get precise growth metrics for your followers.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly follower and following growth statistics
  • Get daily, weekly and monthly timelines and the rate at which the followers are growing
Get Precise Follower Growth
Get Followers Growth Metrics
Get followers growth metrics on a graph

FollowerAudit’s Twitter follower tracker provides you with followers growth rate metrics over a graph in a simplified manner for a better understanding. The graph will be presented on various metrics like:

  • Daily new followers
  • Daily lost followers
  • Cumulative new
  • Cumulative lost
  • Cumulative net
  • Net Timeline
Weekly and Daily visual representation of followers over graph

FollowerAudit makes it easier for you to track Twittter followers on a weekly and daily basis by representing the data over two different graphs - Weekly followers changing pattern and Days with net gains/losses in followers.

  • Weekly followers changing pattern - This graphical representation consists of average new followers and average lost followers over a week of time.
  • Days with net gains/losses in followers - This graphical representation will show the days with losses in followers, days with gains in followers and the days with no changes in followers. This representation of followers will help you to identify the pattern of your followers and what content they like or dislike.
Weekly and Daily Visual representation

Twitter followers tracker Benefits & Applications

FollowerAudit's Twitter followers tracker can track your followers growth rate which can be really effective for your social media campaign. It provides you with quantifiable numbers and the rate at which your followers are growing. Key applications and benefits of using Twitter followers tracker are:

Followers Growth Rate Benefits
Understand the trend which increase follower's growth rate

In other words, our Twitter follower’s tracker will provide you with insights related to your profile or social media campaign. If there was an activity or a post which resulted in the follower's growth, you can take similar steps in the future as well to further grow your follower base.

Track Twitter Followers
Track Twitter follower's Growth rate

Your followers are growing. But at what pace? FollowerAudit’s Twitter followers tracker lets you check the Twitter follower growth rate at which your followers are growing. By comparing historical follower data with the current data, FollowerAudit provides you with daily, weekly and monthly updates of your follower growth rate.

Check who followed or unfollowed you
Check who followed or unfollowed you

Followers can unfollow a Twitter account for any number of reasons. FollowerAudit’s Twitter followers tracker can provide you with a list of all the Twitter followers who have unfollowed you. All this information is updated in real time on your social graph. This can help you to track and observe the trends which can uncover patterns what leads to the following and unfollowing.

Analyze your competitors follower
Analyze your competitor's follower growth rate and trends

Do you want to track your competitor profile and analyse how they are faring on the social media sphere? FollowerAudit Track Twitter followers of any public account feature can make it extremely easy for you. Get insights related to your competitors Twitter follower growth and the rate at which followers are growing.

Keep Track of the socil media impact
Keep track of the impact of your social media campaign.

FollowerAudit's AI driven Twitter follower tracker can provide you with the latest follower growth metrics. This can help you in analyzing the impact of your social media campaign in real time.

FollowerAudit Twitter Follower Tracker
FollowerAudit's Twitter follower tracker can break down any Twitter account into statistics

The Twitter follower tracker can track any public Twitter account and break them down into statistics. FollowerAudit's Twitter followers tracker provides you with quantifiable metrics from any public Twitter account and turn them into actionable insights.