Get real time updates of the accounts which unfollow you.

Identify all the Twitter unfollowers from your or any other public Twitter account. Get the list of Twitter unfollowers and take the required action such as unfollowing them or muting them.

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Get real-time updates of Twitter unfollowers and followers of any public Twitter account

Advanced AI-based Twitter Unfollowers Tracker

Get Detailed Twitter Unfollowers Stats

Do you look at your decreasing follower base and ask yourself questions like, who unfollowed me? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Armed with insightful metrics and data driven algorithms, FollowerAudit's Twitter unfollowers tracker can provide you with detailed unfollower stats related to your account or any public Twitter account. This can help you in analyzing your social media profile and performance.

  • Get a list of all your’s or your competitors Twitter unfollowers.
  • Unfollow your Twitter unfollowers in just a click from our dashboard.
  • Get a social graph which is updated in real time as new accounts follow you or old accounts unfollow you.
  • Detailed Twitter unfollower stats with information such as unfollowing rate, trends, etc.
Get detailed twitter unfollower stats
Track twitter unfollowers and unfollow them
Track Twitter unfollowers and unfollow them

Did you ever wish to get a list of accounts that you follow but they don’t follow you back? FollowerAudit's Twitter unfollowers tracker provides you with the list of all the Twitter unfollowers (Users that have unfollowed you). Getting the list is a crucial first step in adding value to your Twitter following list:

  • FollowerAudit crawls your Twitter following list and matches it with your followers list.
  • Get instantly notified about your Twitter unfollowers and unfollow them with just one click!
  • FollowerAudit can also help in targeting your efforts for your social media campaign.
Maintain the ratio between your followers and following

Maintaining a good ratio between your followers and following is really hard to achieve. FollowerAudit's Twitter Unfollowers Tracker helps you in maintaining it in a very easy way.

FollowerAudit will generate a list of all your Twitter unfollowers and gives you an option to unfollow them through it's dashboard, this will help you maintain a ratio of more followers as opposed to your following.

Mantain the ratio between your followers and following
Other Salient Features
Other Salient Features

In addition to above information, FollowerAudit can also help you in making the most out of your Twitter account. Other features of FollowerAudit include:

  • Identifying and removing Twitter accounts from your follower list that haven’t posted in a while.
  • Review your entire followers list with the option to mute them.
  • Manage muted Twitter users.
  • Identify influencers from the targeted Twitter account and follow them right from the dashboard.
  • No need to scour Twitter for finding your unfollowers. Get real time updates whenever someone unfollows you and unfollow them back.

Benefits & Applications of Identifying Twitter Unfollowers

Followers can unfollow a Twitter account for any number of reasons. However, what we can do is identify those Twitter unfollowers and unfollow them. FollowerAudit's Twitter unfollowers tracker can benefit you in many ways, some of which are given below.

Get a list of all your twitter unfollowers
Get a list of all your Twitter unfollowers

A comprehensive PDF file containing various useful insights that are derived from the raw followers-following list and tweet data. Some of the analytics are followers last tweet date, most active and popular followers, followers' account age and activeness, etc.

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Identify & unfollow your Twitter Unfollowers

Export list of Twitter followers and following in separate CSV/Excel files. Data includes followers and following usernames, names, Twitter ID, their tweet count, followers and following count, account creation date, bios, etc

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Keep track of your profile performance metrics

Armed with crucial information related to followers growth rate, list of unfollowers, account non followers, etc., you can keep track of all your Twitter profile performance metrics. These details can help you tremendously in enhancing your Twitter presence and improving account authenticity.