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The goal of any business is sales and profit, and customers bring profit. Happy customers bring more profit and business growth. Therefore, their happiness must be taken care of.

What Is Customer Service

Customer Service (or Customer Support) is customer service throughout the entire sales cycle: before, during and after a purchase. Good customer service includes many factors. And the fact that you politely communicated with the client during the sale, answered his questions or made a discount on the goods does not mean that your company has good customer service. In the past, people made their purchasing decision based primarily on the price of a product, but now that decision is based on the overall impression of the company. Moreover, customer service is important in any business: be it car rental, an online flower shop, etc.

Signs Of A Good Customer Service

How exactly should the company’s employees behave in order to be able to say that the company provides high-quality customer service? Let’s look at the main features using the example of one company that provides the service of dubai sports cars rental.

  1. Quality service at all stages. It is important that the client from the moment the idea arises to use your service or buy your product until the completion of all obligations under the contract does not feel unnecessary. The Dubai car rental company adheres to this important rule and that is why they are open 24/7. They also care about the comfort of their customers, understanding that their business is located in a resort town, where thousands of tourists and businessmen from around the world come every day, this company will always have a manager who speaks your native language.
  2. Ease of communication between the client and the company. It is very important to have multiple communication channels and of course a good, easy to use website. On the car rental company website that provides sports car rental you can immediately study the available cars, see all the characteristics of each car and familiarize yourself with the terms of the lease. Also, the site is convenient in that it offers a list of the coolest modern car models. And the most convenient thing is that there is a Q&A list of the most popular questions when renting a car in Dubai, such as how parking is arranged in Dubai or what is included in the insurance. In addition to the website, the car rental company offers to contact them using the WhatsApp application or by calling. On any channel, he will be politely advised and directed to further actions.
  3. Solving customer problems at all stages. Even after the sale of a service or product, the company must always stay in touch with the client: be interested in impressions, answer questions, provide assistance and technical support. At the car rental company, your personal manager will be in touch with you 24 hours a day until the car is returned.
  4. Quality work with regular customers. Loyal customers are very valuable for business, because they are ready to buy your products and services, despite the more favorable conditions of competitors, just because they trust you. With their recommendations, they bring new customers to you for free and have a beneficial effect on the company’s image. Therefore, car rental companies in Dubai know what the client’s favorite type of communication is, his preferences and tastes. Each manager can give personalized recommendations.

How to create the best customer service in your company

How did a car rental company in Dubai manage to achieve such a level of customer service? This was achieved thanks to the phased work, it is important to take the following steps:

  • Analyze the current service system. Find out the pros and cons of the job. At what point do customers leave you?
  • Study customer reviews, find out their pains in dealing with the company.
  • Create a list of standard and non-standard situations with clients, create a model of employee behavior for each situation.
  • Try the system on several clients. Before implementing a new system of work in a company, you need to test it in practice.
  • Conduct employee training. Consider their motivation. It is important that each operator has a clear understanding of how to meet customer needs.

Today, the quality of service is the new standard by which customers evaluate the company. There was a time when it was enough to make a good product, and this guaranteed high sales. Now the market has changed, and the buyer needs to be winned with a good attitude at every stage of the touch. We are approaching a point where good service is more important than the product itself. Many companies, such as Dubai Sports Car Rental, understand and actively use this, and many do not yet. We recommend that you start improving the quality of customer support now if you want to increase your profits and have a successful business.

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