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Link building is a crucial aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). Your efforts in this area can make or break your digital marketing. You don’t want to skimp this procedure; at the same time, you want this to be as organic as possible.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while now, you’d know that SEO is here to stay. Statistics reveal that the number of people using search engines increases by 20% yearly. These internet users aim to seek answers from trusted sources, and here’s where editorial links come into play. Editorial links are among the best links to have because they reflect that people genuinely love your content.

Having editorial links isn’t a walk in the park, but there are some techniques you can apply to put yourself in the position of attaining it. Find out more in this post.

An editorial link is an organic link in the sense that it isn’t asked for or paid for. It’s attained when another site references it naturally without any request. This happens when you publish excellent content and people find it helpful, so they mention it in their blog posts. So, attaining an editorial link is like receiving a compliment because they see your post as valuable.

Usually, editorial links are attained when a website with a high domain authority (DA) utilizes the statements you wrote to support their points or claims. Your site ranking levels up when this happens.

As you discover the benefits of high DA editorial links, you’ll realize that doubling down your efforts in this type of link building would be worth it in the long run. Here’s an overview of them:

  • Increased website traffic: Since editorial links originate from a high domain authority website, it has a lot of traffic. This causes your site to experience increased traffic as well because of the referral, resulting in a wider network being aware of your presence. This could also translate to more conversions for you.
  • Authority and credibility: Writing high-quality content and being quoted by other writers automatically builds a rapport that you’re reputable and respected in your field of expertise. Because of this, chances are people will message you to ask questions. The more editorial links you get, the more credible you are.
  • Brand exposure: With increased website traffic comes increased brand exposure. Having your name linked with an established platform is marketing. Linking with an authority in the field builds trust among people, which results in good public relations (PR).

Editorial links are a crucial step in your digital marketing endeavors. While it takes a lot of time and effort, its significance is invaluable.

Securing high-quality editorial links

Having editorial links is possible if you’re strategic in your approach. The following are tips to guide you in attaining them:

  • Create relevant content

People search the Internet to address their concerns or be informed about something essential to them. In fact, statistics show that the average person does three to four queries on search engines daily. You’ve heard countless times that content is king, and it’s true. Creating content that adds value to people is the first step to securing an editorial link. Consider doing infographics, tutorials, and other online resources.

  • Get in touch with website owners

Reach out to people responsible for running websites. Inquire about the types of content they’re posting and pitch why yours would help them. Focus on the solution that your content would provide to address their target market’s pain points.

  • Build relationships

In connection with reaching out to website owners, be intentional in cultivating relationships online. It’s as simple as sharing articles on various platforms and commenting about what they posted. At the same time, this could be an open door to collaboration with them.

  • Take part in expert roundups

Expert roundups are blogs wherein experts from various fields and topics collaborate and share their knowledge to come up with content. These blogs feature testimonies and quotes that discuss a specific concern they wish to address. Seek opportunities to be a part of this and share your ideas and points of view regarding the topic at hand.

  • Keep up with SEO trends

It’s essential to be updated with the ins and outs of SEO. Everything that happens online always gets an update. So, be in the loop of the latest developments in the industry. Follow experts in the industry and participate in workshops and seminars to hone your skills in link-building.

In Conclusion

Editorial links are an indicator that what you’re putting out there on the Internet is worth engaging with. It also plays a vital role in your SEO strategies. By applying the principles in this article, you’ll be a step closer towards creating a link that’s worth mentioning on other websites. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

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