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how accurate are Twitter audits

Twitter is one of the most prominent front-runners in the social media marketing landscape. But what’s more interesting about Twitter is the fact that it promotes the use of bots.

Bots can be beneficial; they can be configured to perform certain tasks. The Magic Realism Bot is one such Twitter bot that posts fictional interpretations of real-life scenarios as a sort of an experiment.

On the other hand, there are Twitter bots that are run for the sole purpose of increasing the number of followers of any particular Twitter profile (fake followers). These bots or fake followers have infiltrated and plagued social media platforms including Twitter.

Almost every brand’s Twitter profile has some fake followers. Doing a manual search for fake followers can be tiresome, more so if the user has thousands or millions of followers. Fortunately, there are third-party Twitter analytics tools that can perform a Twitter audit of any public Twitter account and help identify/block fake followers.

What is a Twitter audit?

A Twitter audit is an in-depth evaluation of the authenticity of any public Twitter profiles’ followers. A Twitter audit can help you analyze the quality of the follower base on a Twitter profile. You can easily identify and distinguish active, inactive, and fake followers from your follower base.

Is the Twitter audit useful?

Fake followers have infiltrated every social media platform including Twitter. Almost every established brand or influencer has some fake followers in their follower base. But if these fake accounts are not identified and block, they would increase given the time and would put your brand’s reputation at risk.

Twitter audit tool: FollowerAudit FA Score

To avoid such a scenario, you need to frequently audit your brand’s Twitter followers. It can help you identify fake and inactive Twitter followers that do not provide engagement or add value to your Twitter profile.

It can also help you gain valuable follower insights that can help you identify and evaluate the Twitter followers of influencers. Doing so can help you choose the right brand advocate to promote your brand on Twitter.

Are Twitter audits accurate?

Now that you know what a Twitter audit is, let’s focus on the most important part, how accurate are Twitter audit tools.

Well, Twitter audit tools do not solely focus on identifying fake followers. Rather, they focus on evaluating the quality of the follower base. Various metrics play a huge part in determining if the quality of the follower base is low or high. How is Twitter followers’ quality evaluated?

Here are some of the most important metrics taken into consideration while auditing a Twitter profile,

important metrics considered to audit Twitter profiles and followers

  • Twitter users’ activity: While performing a Twitter audit, the auditing tool checks the activity levels based on the provided engagement and tweets. It can help you identify inactive users that have been inactive and do not add value to your brand’s Twitter profile.
  • Profile image: Genuine users often take the time to update their Twitter profile with the required information soon after creating an account. But, the same cannot be said for fake followers. Fake accounts usually do not provide any information about themselves. A user that doesn’t even bother to update the profile image is a fake or inactive follower.
  • Usernames: A Twitter auditing tool also identifies Twitter profiles with spammy usernames. It can help you identify and block users that aren’t genuine and frequently spam and do not provide quality engagement.
  • No of tweets: Evaluating the number of tweets that each user posts can help distinguish the most engaging users from the users that provide the least engagement. It can help you build an engaging and loyal follower base.
  • Follower following ratio: Fake followers have an uneven follower to following ratio. A Twitter audit can help you identify and extract lists of Twitter profiles with the uneven follower to following ratio.

Although, some Twitter audit tools use a random sample from the overall followers to evaluate its authenticity. Here’s how it works.

The auditing tool first chooses a random sample of 5000 followers and audits those accounts as per the above-mentioned criteria. But a sample size of 5000 can be great for some users whereas of no use to others. Suppose an account has 5050 followers. The audit only misses 50 accounts. But what if the auditing tool chooses a sample of 5000 from over 50K followers. The sample size is far too small and the analytical insights can’t be trusted.

Before choosing a Twitter auditing tool, make sure to check how it audits the followers.

The most accurate Twitter audit tool?

Let’s discuss some of the most accurate Twitter audit tools that can help you enhance the quality and authenticity of your brand’s followers.


Twitter audit tool

FollowerAudit is an advanced AI-based paid Twitter audit platform. It can help you analyze millions of Twitter followers with ease. With FollowerAudit, you can identify and extract lists of inactive or fake Twitter followers in an easy to navigate Excel/CSV file.

Also, unlike other Twitter audit platforms, FollowerAudit analyzes the entire follower base of any Twitter profile rather than a random sample. It also provides numerous detailed insights that can help you evaluate the authenticity of your follower.

You can also monitor the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account in real-time. You can track unfollowers and analyze their profiles to decide which followers are worth retaining.

FollowerAudit is developed to help you measure the true quality of your Twitter followers. The FA Score uses numerous statistics to rate the follower base of any public Twitter account.

  • Inactive followers for a specific time
  • Followers with less tweets
  • Followers with less followers
  • Followers with no profile picture
  • Followers without bios
  • Followers with an uneven follower-following ratio
  • Followers without location information
  • Followers without URL
  • Followers with spammy usernames

The monthly and yearly plans for FollowerAudit start at $9.99 and $59.99 respectively.



SparkToro is another amazing Twitter audit tool designed to help you build an engaging and authentic follower base. SparkToro can analyze your Twitter followers provide comprehensive insights into the follower base of any public Twitter account.

SparkToro can also help you identify fake followers from any public Twitter handle. You can perform a Twitter audit with ease and gain valuable insights to enhance the quality of your Twitter follower base.

The basic plan starts at $150 a month.


find and block fake followers

TwitterAudit is also an amazing Twitter auditing tool created for the sole purpose of identifying fake followers that have plagued Twitter. It can help you perform a Twitter audit on any public Twitter profile. You can also use it to evaluate the Twitter followers of influencers to identify the right brand advocate for promoting your brand.

Performing a Twitter audit can also help you avoid influencer fraud, the biggest concern in influencer marketing.

The basic plan for TwitterAudit starts at $4.99 a month.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know what a Twitter audit is along with the best tool to perform a Twitter audit, start analyzing your Twitter follower. Just make sure to choose the right Twitter audit tool that suits your requirements.

You can rid your Twitter profile of fake followers and avoid influencer fraud that incurs heavy losses for your brand.

Until next time!

Are Twitter Audit Tools Really Accurate?
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Are Twitter Audit Tools Really Accurate?
This post is a definitive guide describing what is Twitter audit is, how it can be useful, the best tools to perfrom a Twitter audit, and how accurate they are.
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