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If you think Twitter is all about hashtags and news, time to know the truth! It is also a social media website where teachers and professors share their priceless knowledge and skills. Since all the scholars from all over the globe can get together in one place, students have a great opportunity to discover the latest news, useful resources, and advice to boost their academic progress. Below, we listed some of the best educational blogs for students that Twitter has at the moment.
Without much ado…

If you need to polish up your English skills, hurry up to bookmark BBC Learning English! The page is full of useful tips and tricks, facts, quizzes, and other content to help you hone your language. The posts are visually appealing, always containing some sort of a hook to grab the user’s attention. The page is perfect for those who want to boost their prose to cope with that 1000 word essay with ease, reading and listening skills, as well as verbal communication.


Meet a Google-certified educator, Brian. The Brian account on Twitter is a treasure trove of educational news, informative posts, and funny illustrations. The good thing is that the blog is equally useful for students and their tutors. The platform functions as the so-called magazine that provides information in all news and blogs that are worth your attention in the niche of education.


This verified Twitter account works non-stop! The administrators of the platform make sure to inform followers of all current trends from all over the world. In times of COVID, they posted priceless recommendations on how to study online and do it effectively. When the pandemic was over, they shared step-by-step guidelines on how to get back to in-person classes. It seems like the Tes reps have the right solutions to all existing problems in the world of education from how to boost student’s behavior in school, find a full review on EssayShark, to how teachers can help protect students from bullies, etc.

Girls Who Code

If you’re looking for a blog that is focused on coding in general and ladies in techs in particular, Girls Who Code has it all. The administrators of the account share insights into programming and their passion for STEM. The main goal of the platform is to not only show the diversity of coding but to also inspire other women to join the field worldwide. If you’re into computing and coding, this account will provide you with some amazing tips, tricks, and facts.


Looking for tips to live a successful life as a student? At HiddenTips, you will immerse yourself in the world of useful information, from tips on how to rock your first job interview to throwing your very first party as a first-year student. The platform provides entertaining content that is easy to comprehend and useful in the various areas of academic life (well, and far beyond on-campus routine). What is more, HiddenTips is an excellent way to stay in tune with the current trends and tips from the best reps in the area. It doesn’t really matter what course you take since the platform has something for everyone.

New Scientist

If you’re into science, the New Scientist blog has some wow stuff! Whether it’s about the robot made of magnetic slime to use inside the body to perform medical tasks or rats that scientists have trained to drive tiny cars to collect food – the source has a never-ending stream of insights to impress every fan of science and technology.


If you’re really living the best years of your life in college, StunningCampus is the place to go. The blog features tons of college campuses that can serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for those who are just at the beginning of their college journey. Plus, StunningCampus provides busy undergrads with a great portal where they can have a break from a tiresome academic life. You’re welcome to fill your digital routine with some grandiose architecture and beautiful landscapes to unwind after classes. If you’re about to make your alma mater choice, StunningCampus will help you get a better idea of where you are going to spend the next five or more years.

HuffPost College

One of the most popular USA-based Twitter blogs in the world of higher education. HuffPost College is a superb source for various topics related to college and university students in the United States. Although stories from the well-known Harvard and Yale pop up quite often, the platform usually covers topics related to undergrads in all educational institutions across the US.

Tired of a good old dictionary? Go to – the world’s leading digital dictionary. Check out their #WordOfTheDay and #WordNerd categories to boost your dictionary and impress your college tutor with a fancy word when working on your next book review or term paper.

Ready to add variety to your Twitter feed? We hope, with the blogs mentioned above, you will follow some useful edu accounts to boost your skills and brighten your day.

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