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Fake Twitter followers

Twitter is a long-established and vastly popular news source and social media marketing platform. Every major brand and marketer wants to exploit the potential of Twitter to increase their following.

This has made Twitter one of the most competitive social media platforms where everyone is trying to gain more followers. The competitive nature of the platform has led users to take the quick route to popularity, ‘buying fake followers’.

Gathering a high number of followers can attract more followers as users assume your content is engaging and adds value. An enormous follower base can increase your popularity and help build your market reputation. But buying followers only creates an illusion of popularity.

You can attract new followers with an enormous follower base, but if you don’t add value for your users, they will unfollow you soon enough.

The Fake Followers Epidemic

Here are some sites that act as social media marketing agencies but sell fake followers.


Fiverr is a popular website for freelancers that offers a variety of services from content writing to social media marketing. But it is also a popular platform for buying fake followers for Twitter. If you search ‘buy fake followers on Fiverr’, you can find several individuals selling fake followers.


Devumi is a social media marketing agency that sold millions of fake followers to influential figures in the music industry, Hollywood, and more. Devumi was found operating stock of 3.5 million bots. The records show that Devumi sold over 200 million fake followers to its users.

It was one of the biggest scandals that forced Twitter to update its algorithm. Twitter further purged millions of fake followers and banned influential accounts that were suspected of buying fake followers.

Follower Sale

Follower Sale is a similar website that sells several follower packages to users. The basic package offers 100 followers for $14. Not only does this site sell followers but it also sells fake engagement to its users.


Buy Twitter followers

Buy-Twitter is a website similar to Follower Sale but with more alluring packages for buying fake followers or engagement. The basic package starts at $9.99 which offers 50 Twitter followers, 100 likes, and 100 retweets.

Buying fake followers or bots seems to be an effortless way to gain popularity. However, Twitter has been constantly updating its algorithm to identify and ban fake accounts along with users with a high ratio of fake followers.

Buying fake followers can only help you create an illusion of popularity that is short-lived and not worth the associated risks. It can tarnish your brand’s reputation, you might also lose genuine followers. If a new venture is caught buying fake followers, it might not recover or regain the trust of users.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Followers?

The increasing number of fake followers is now a major concern for social media platforms, including Twitter.

They aren’t genuine followers

Buying a large number of fake followers will not help you enhance your social media profile. Bought followers won’t engage with your Twitter profile or create value to attract more followers. Even if the high follower numbers attract more followers, they would soon unfollow.

The only way you can attract an engaging audience is by post content that adds value for the users and steadily increasing your followers. You must focus on what the users find interesting and like to engage with rather than buying fake followers.

Engagement and Conversions

High engagement and conversion rates are the things that have led influencer marketing to be one of the most sought after paid marketing channels. But if you are an influencer that engages in buying fake followers to get into brand partnerships, you will eventually regret it.

Even if you get past the analysis of your follower base with bought engagement along with fake followers, you cannot deliver the desired engagement and conversion rates. This can raise questions on the authenticity of your follower base.

If the brands look for generic comments on your posts, the bought engagement won’t matter. The scenario could be considered an influencer fraud and will tarnish your social media reputation. We can say the same for new ventures or brands that engage in buying fake followers.

The authenticity of the audience

The increasing number of fake followers and sites that sell them has raised questions on the authenticity of the follower base of even long-established reputable brands. Things are much worse for new ventures as everyone doubts their follower bases.

However, these new ventures if caught engaged in buying new followers would destroy their online reputation and might not recover from it. The authenticity of the followers is another concern of brands looking for brand advocates. A fake follower base of brand advocate will not provide engagement or increase conversion rates for your brands.

As there are no genuine followers it can hamper a brand’s growth predictions and negatively affect it’s targeted marketing strategies.

Brand Reputation at risk

If a brand is caught buying fake followers, it can put its market reputation at risk. Users want to follow Twitter profiles that add value. If you buy fake followers, it can create the illusion of popularity, but if you don’t add value and keep the audiences engaged.

Also, Twitter is one of the most popular websites for users to express their opinions. If a brand is accused of having bought followers, a drastic decline in the follower base of the brand is sure to happen.

Violates Twitter’s terms of service

Indulging into activities like buying fake followers or engagement violates the terms of service of Twitter. Twitter strictly prohibits buying fake followers has been constantly banning fake accounts and accounts with a high ratio of fake followers.

If you are identified as having a fake follower base, it will not only destroy your brand’s reputation but also might get your Twitter profile banned. You might not have time to rebuild your brand and regain the users’ trust.

Fake followers aren’t as effective as real followers

Buying fake followers can increase your follower but it won’t help you increase your Twitter profile’s social media presence. Buying followers is not the same as steadily building an authentic and engaging follower base.

A bought follower base is simply not as effective as genuine followers. They won’t engage with your brand or help increase conversions and ROI.


buying fake followers on Twitter

FollowerAudit is a paid Twitter follower auditing platform that can help you amass a quality follower base. It can help you analyze millions of fake followers and identify fake accounts or bots that negatively impact your actual growth statistics and future predictions.

It is the perfect tool that can monitor your follower growth rate and provide instantaneous updates to help improvise strategies in real-time if needed.

Let’s dive into some important follower growth statistics that FollowerAudit provides.

  1. Classify inactive, active and fake accounts

FollowerAudit is an effective Twitter follower auditing tool that can help you analyze the Twitter profile of any public Twitter account.

You can classify your followers into fake, inactive, and active followers. You can further track social profiles to extract Excel/CSV files with lists of the classifies Twitter profiles.

Extracting the lists of Twitter profiles can get you insights into the authenticity of your follower base. You can also use the lists of classified Twitter profiles to block fake followers and identify fake followers.

  1. Follower Quality Graph

Monitor your Twitter follower growth can provide various actionable insights and help measure the impact of implemented strategies. FollowerAudit can help you track the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account.

It can help you analyze the impact of your targeted marketing efforts along with improvising strategies if there is a sudden decline in your Twitter profile’s follower base. You can also use FollowerAudit to analyze the Twitter profiles of influencers. You can analyze the follower base of influential accounts that engage with your brand to identify the right brand advocate to promote your brands and increase conversion rates.

  1. Detailed Follower Audit

FollowerAudit can also help you get additional insights into your followers that can help you increase the quality of your Twitter followers.

  • Followers inactive for over 1 year
  • Followers with less than 5 tweets
  • Followers with less than 5 followers
  • Followers with default profile image
  • Followers with no bios
  • Followers with uneven followers following ratio

The statistics can help you analyze the current state of your Twitter follower base and help in developing effective social media strategies to enhance the quality of your Twitter follower base.

  1. FA Score

The FA Score is the Twitter profile assessment grade provided after analyzing the Twitter follower base of any public Twitter account. It can help you assess the quality and authenticity of your follower base.

Closing Thoughts

An enormous follower base acts as a symbol of popularity on social media platforms. But the popularity gained by buying followers is rather short-lived. It can help you attract followers, but the lack of engaging content and value will soon make the users unfollow you. Worst case, your account may get banned for violating Twitter terms.

Focus on steadily increasing your follower base by posting resonating content and engaging with your users.

FollowerAudit can help you monitor your brand’s follower growth and provide instant updates on gaining or losing each follower along with identifying fake accounts and bots. It can also help brands analyze Twitter accounts of influencers and identify the right brand advocate to promote your brand along with monitoring their follower growth.

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