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Web Development

Side hustles have become the new norm for people of all ages and careers. It is especially true for students who only begin to make money for themselves. Often combining studies and work can turn into a challenging endeavor. It takes time, effort, and energy that most students may not have. So, why not choose a more independent way of earning a living? Web development as a side hustle can be a perfect match for young people. They can learn the skills at their own pace and abilities, progress as they go, and find side hustles whenever they have the time. So, let’s analyze how good of a side hustle web development is for students, where to start, and what to expect.


Why web development?

Let’s start with the ‘why’ question. There are many other options for students to earn money on the side, often working remotely on a computer. You can learn web design, copywriting, tech support, etc. So what makes web development a good hustle for students? Well, first of all, all other options will work just fine, too. However, each option requires a certain personality and skill set. Young people better analyze how well-suited for web development they are. Or, in other words, see why other options aren’t working for you.

Web development is all about knowledge, professional growth, and precision. You have to educate yourself and follow the existing guide for action. There isn’t much creativity or freedom involved in the process. So, if you are a rather technical mind with little need for constant self-expression in work, web development can be a good choice. In addition, basic web development work doesn’t require powerful computers, additional screens, or anything else, which can be a must in web or graphic design.


How to start?

Starting in web development takes some time. First, you will need to better understand web development processes, its purpose, and the expected skillset. Next, you will have to learn coding languages. For a start, students should focus on HTML and CSS, as these are the foundation of any website and most development work. Plus, on the bright side, these are some of the easiest languages to learn. Understanding how they work will also help you learn other coding languages in the future if you’d like to continue this journey.


The learning process will take anything from several weeks to several months. It will all depend on how much time and energy you are ready to dedicate towards this studying. How you study will also matter. You can find various tutorials online, take remote courses, find tutors, etc. Of course, intensive learning can interfere with your school. So, don’t be shy to open when you need help. Academic services can do your essays while you pursue a potential new career.

Keep in mind that being a web developer comes with never-ending learning. This world constantly shifts and changes, and all IT specialists have to keep up with it. Of course, for a side hustle, some surface-level knowledge may be enough for a start. However, to be taken seriously in this job, you should immerse yourself in this world.


Where to find work?

Finding work as a web developer rookie can be tough. The competition is tough, especially across entry-level jobs. Fortunately, the demand is also high. So, each offer will find its buyer. As a side hustle, you better first look at freelancer platforms. These are full of propositions. Plus, a good platform can offer you a certain level of protection and exposure if you play by its rules.

Start with easy, fast projects. This way, you get to build a decent portfolio and earn ratings over a short period of time. The better your score is, the more likely you will receive better, higher-paying proposals. However, keep in mind that sticking to your deadlines and giving your best work is essential when working on such platforms. So, do have a backup plan with your studies if anything goes wrong with the work. You may scroll through the scam fighter to find the best reviews services in case you ever need one.

Another earning option for students is to create web templates. There are sites where you can download your templates for others to review and purchase. So, it is similar to online image databases. A few good templates can really feed you for months if you find your audience. It’s a high passive income for students. You may create those templates over the holidays and collect the benefits long through the school year.


Lastly, you can also seek any work propositions around the campus. Perhaps, there is a need for young and ambitious web developers right around the corner. In fact, you don’t even have to wait. Just offer your services to the office if there is a clear need to fix the school’s sites. By the way, If you are interested in exploring remote web development opportunities suitable for students, check out Web Developer jobs for students on Jooble.


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