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Twitter is unparalleled when compared to other platforms for conveying information rapidly and reliably. It is also one of the most preferred platforms for people to express their opinions. Therefore, universities, research groups, and businesses can all benefit from analyzing Twitter data. Tweets from the past can be easily retrieved through Twitter’s searchable archive, which is useful for a variety of reasons.

However, it might be a hassle to look for previous tweets. You can ask to view only your past tweets if you’d like. However, you’ll need some technical know-how to dig up old tweets that feature a particular hashtag, @mention, or account other than your own.

We’ll look into ways to archive tweets that contain a specific term, account name, or other identifiers. Let’s dive in.

Old Tweets - Can they be downloaded?

If you’d like to save tweets from just your account, Twitter makes it easy too. Twitter begins tracking your activity the moment you sign up for an account. You can access this data in the form of metrics from the Native Twitter analytics dashboard which tracks your performance. Although, if you can get access to the tweets as well as the data, Twitter allows you to download your Twitter archive too.

Here are the basic actions you need to do to download your tweets:

download tweets archive

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Navigate to the left-hand menu.
  3. Then, after selecting More, select Settings and Support.
  4. Click on Settings and Privacy and then on Your Account
  5. Then select Download an archive of your data.
  6. Then enter your password to complete the verification process.

After you’ve followed these steps, Twitter will start collecting your previous tweets and provide you with a download link to your registered email. For the purpose of performance analysis across a wide range of time periods, it is possible to extract and analyze tweets from the past.

Dig Through Old Tweets of Other Accounts

While you can search through the tweets of other accounts, you cannot download them directly from Twitter. Let me break it down for you.

Twitter Advanced Search

Use Twitter’s advanced search features to narrow your results. Any time period can be specified, and tweets from any public account can be searched.

search old tweets

The various filtering choices are as follows:

  • Words: Search for specific words or phrases in tweets
  • Accounts: Enter the username(s) of the Twitter accounts you’d want to search, including the account(s) from which the tweets originated, the account(s) to which they were replied, and any other accounts mentioned in the tweets.
  • Replies: You can filter your search results to show only replies or just the tweets themselves.
  • Link: Twitter posts that include a link can be located independently.
  • Engagement: Please specify the minimum number of replies, likes, and retweets that each tweet must acquire in order to be considered successful.
  • Date: Specify what time frame you’re interested in searching.

Download old tweets from any account

Twitter allows you to access your own tweet history and analytics, but not that of other users. There is currently no way to directly download older tweets from

You’ll need to make use of the Twitter API to acquire this data. To access earlier tweets via the Twitter API, though, you’ll need some coding skills. If you don’t have the information or skills to work around this restriction, you might consider using a third-party analytics tool like FollowersAnalysis.


download old tweets with FollowersAnalysis

FollowersAnalysis is a third-party Twitter analytics program that allows users to examine the tweets of any public Twitter account. Tweets from the past can be saved after a search is performed for a specific term, account, or hashtag.

From FollowersAnalysis, you can get your hands on tweets in two distinct ways:

Download the latest recent 3,200 tweets

Retrieve the most recent 3200 tweets from any public Twitter account. Information is collected from both tweets and retweets. A CSV/Excel file with all of the tweets in the archive is available for download. You will not only have access to the tweets themselves but also to an in-depth report analyzing them, complete with metrics that will illuminate the tweets’ efficacy. The cost of the PDF report containing the tweet data and analysis is $29.

Download the entire archive of old tweets

Full Twitter histories can be retrieved for every public account, hashtag, phrase, or @mention. Past tweets can be downloaded in two different formats: Excel/CSV and JSON. Information is priced on a per-unit basis, so the more you require, the more it will cost. For the PDF version of the report’s analysis, there is an extra cost.

Using FollowersAnalysis to retrieve old tweets

  1. You can get started by going to and clicking on the Old Tweets menu.
  2. After selecting the Request data option, a form will appear; please fill it out to help us better serve your needs.
  3. After you complete the request, a member of the FollowersAnalysis team will get back to you with further information about the data and the associated cost.

Benefits of downloading and analyzing old tweets

Here are a few of the most crucial tweets you should definitely retrieve and examine.

Improve your content marketing strategies

Creating content that engages a certain demographic can be difficult for even the most seasoned marketers. It’s not easy to keep your audience engaged with fresh, engaging content on a consistent basis. You can learn more about what your followers care about, however, by looking back over your prior tweets. You can use these results to inform a content strategy aimed at drawing in and keeping your target audience.

Analyze audience interactions

While positive feedback from customers is highly sought after by businesses, it is increasingly rare. Having your brand’s reputation harmed by online comments and tweets can lead to a dramatic decline in revenue. To avoid unwarranted scrutiny for your company, it’s best to catch them early and engage with them before the issue goes viral.

Constructive client feedback, on the other hand, can be a veritable treasure trove of information that can be used to improve a service or product. Identifying your areas of improvement will help you better serve your customers.

Keep an eye on your competitors

In the same way that you should monitor your own tweets and performance, you should also monitor those of your competitors. It’s possible that you’ll get a lot of ideas for developing your own brand by observing the content and promotional strategies of your competitors. Your business could benefit from learning from competitors’ blunders so that you can avoid the same fate.

Identify opinions leaders: Influencers

These days, using prominent people is the most effective method for increasing one’s audience size and conversion rates. A growing number of companies are investing in influencer marketing. It might be difficult to choose the right influencer to represent your brand because not all of them have a significant following. The influencer should also be someone who is both active in the sector and highly sought after by your potential clients.

Analyze performance and adapt accordingly

Last but not least, make sure you’re tracking the impact of your tweets constantly. Utilize this information to reflect on your performance and make adjustments for the future. In order to succeed in converting your intended audience into lifelong buyers, you must maintain an active marketing strategy.

Closing Remarks

Individuals are most comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with the world on Twitter. Because of the vast number of tweets and the wide range of topics covered, Twitter data is a gold mine of useful information. However, if you don’t have the necessary resources, collecting these tweets could be a major headache.

With the help of FollowersAnalysis, you can easily download Tweet archives and dig into their contents. Insights gleaned from in-depth investigations are commonly used in effective advertising tactics.

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Download old Tweets: The Definitive Guide
Download old Tweets: The Definitive Guide
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