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The use of cryptocurrency is expanding quickly in the commercial and technology sectors. People are fascinated by it since it is the newest trend in the digital world, but it is challenging to understand because of its ever-changing and evolving nature. Additionally, it is not very wise to trust crypto influencers only on the basis of their fan base.

To determine whether they have an authentic follower base, it is crucial to conduct a Twitter audit using a third-party tool like FollowerAudit.

Why is it important to follow crypto influencers?

If you are someone who is willing to invest in cryptocurrency it is very important for you to follow a genuine crypto influencer in order to track all the latest crypto trends. Crypto influencers in the crypto world educate people to invest in cryptocurrency while expressing their own views. It aids followers in gaining confidence and a distinctive viewpoint to increase revenues in digital wallets.

Crypto influencer worth following

 It is stupid to rely on influencers based just on the number of followers they have. For accurate information, it is crucial that you follow the influencer who has a loyal and genuine fanbase.

In this blog post, we will present to you the Twitter audit report on the top 10 crypto influencers, done by FolloweAudit which is an AI-based Twitter analytics tool that can identify fake and real followers from any public Twitter account with accurate results. 

You can also use FollowerAudit to audit any Twitter account to know the percentage of fake, active, and inactive followers. 

 Let’s dive in,

1. Ҽɱɱყğ

crypto influencer
  • Twitter Account Profile- twitter/@emmygy_
  • FA Score-98.73%
  • Fake Followers- 1.27%           Inactive Followers- 0.08%
  • Followers- 41.8K
  • TwitterBios- Nft & Crypto Influencer • Daily Giveaways • #EmmyGFam Community Builder •Dm for Promo
  • Download Complete Audit Report- Download Here.

FollowerAudit’s analysis of Ҽɱɱყğ twitter account

audit report of crypto influencer


  • Twitter Account Profile- twitter/@MetaBlind
  • FA Score- 98.66%
  • Fake Followers- 1.34%     Inactive Followers- 0.04%
  • Followers- 35.6K
  • TwitterBios- NFT & Crypto Influencer • 500k+ Network • DYOR / NFA • $SOL $ETH • DM for Promos & Marketing Inquiries 
  • Download Complete Audit Report-  Download Here.

FollowerAudit’s analysis of BLIND twitter account

3. CryptoDAddi.LYX

FollowerAudit’s analysis of CryptoDAddi.LYX twitter account

4. CryptoGorgonite

crypto influencer

FollowerAudit’s analysis of CryptoGorgonite twitter account

5. Crypto DUKE

FollowerAudit’s analysis of Crypto DUKE twitter account

6. Justin Williams NFT VP Hit Network

  • Twitter Account Profile- twitter/@NFT_Justin
  • FA Score- 95.87%
  • Fake Followers- 4.13%         Inactive Followers- 0.64%
  • Followers- 18.8K
  • TwitterBios-VP of NFT at Hit Network: Blockchain will blow your mind. Crypto expert, NFT Influencer, investor & Husband and Father. Instagram: @nft_justinw
  • Download Complete Audit Report- Download Here.

FollowerAudit’s analysis of Justin Williams NFT VP Hit Network twitter account

7. CryptoCheongChun

FollowerAudit’s analysis of CryptoCheongChun twitter account

8. The Crypto Awaken

FollowerAudit’s analysis of The Crypto Awaken twitter account

9. Dubai Cripto | Crypto Educative Institution

  • Twitter Account Profile- twitter/@DubaiCripto
  • FA Score- 91.22%
  • Fake Followers- 8.78%        Inactive Followers- 0.98%
  • Followers- 10.8K 
  • TwitterBios- Crypto influencer and educative Institution. We believe ‘Bitcoin is the future ‘.  We do host #AMA‘s and other events for learning purposes with rewards.
  • Download Complete Audit Report- Download Here

FollowerAudit’s analysis of Dubai Cripto | Crypto Educative Institution twitter account

10. Eric Sykes

  • Twitter Account Profile- twitter/@ConsiderEric
  • FA Score- 92.52%
  • Fake Followers- 7.48%         Inactive Followers- 4.71%
  • Followers- 10.4K
  • TwitterBios- DM now for Crypto promo inquiries. Political/Crypto/News junkie. #Crypto influencer. These are my tweets, NOT my employers. #NFTs
  • Download Complete Audit Report- Download Here

FollowerAudit’s analysis of Eric Sykes twitter account

Ending thoughts

Nowadays everyone wants to be in the limelight and the random followers selling websites have made it simple for people to pretend that they are popular. Because of this, it’s crucial to double check your influencers’ accounts; FollowerAudit is a reliable tool for this. Do try FollowerAudit! 

Keep checking back as we will return with more influential Twitter audit findings!


Crypto InfluencerFollowersFA ScoreFake FollowersInactive FollowersDownload PDF Report
Ҽɱɱყğ41.8K98.73%1.27%0.08%Download PDF report
BLIND35.6K98.66%1.34%0.04%Download PDF report
CryptoDAddi.LYX28.3K93.8%6.2%4.48%Download PDF report
CryptoGorgonite26.9K97.82%2.18%5.2% Download PDF report
Crypto DUKE19.6K90.41%9.59%15.93%Download PDF report
Justin Williams NFT VP Hit Network18.8K95.87%4.13%0.64%Download PDF report
18.1K95.89%4.11%0.07%Download PDF report
The Crypto Awaken15.8K98.78%1.22%5.11%Download PDF report
Dubai Cripto | Crypto Educative Institution10.8K91.22%8.78%0.98%Download PDF report
Eric Sykes10.4K92.52%7.48%4.7%Download PDF report

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