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Twitter is a well-known social media platform that is used by celebrities, entertainers and even government officials. This is a platform for microblogging hype where you can tap into your creative talent and earn money. Every action you take on your account matters for advancement such as more likes, retweets, comments, and subscribers, of course. Let’s examine strategies for promoting a new account.

Profile design

One of the most important instruments for promoting your account is the profile’s appearance. Users focus on the visual, so it’s critical to create an excellent description and complete all the fields.

It is advised to use hashtags and to provide significant links (to the website, social networks, blogs). It is essential to briefly explain what the microblog’s author performs and why it is worthwhile to subscribe to.

The header, avatar, profile description block, background and pinned tweet should all receive the most attention. The items mentioned above are the first things users will notice after login into an account. It’s important to evaluate how accurately the data is shown on various monitors and mobile devices.

Quality content

Quality content is at the heart of any successful blog. In a pinned tweet, you need to leave important information that will encourage the reader to perform a targeted action: leave a comment, subscribe, purchase or other reaction. When adding content, it’s important to remember to limit the number of characters and use shortened links.

It is important to use hashtags related to the topic. For example, if you’re in the car rental business and have a twitter page about it, don’t forget to use tags such as #carhire, #carrental, #rentacar, etc. To reach a narrower target audience, choose more detailed hashtags, such as dubai airport car rental or Mercedes G63 rent in Dubai. Also, the post should be bright, interesting and concise. Complex sentences, inappropriate metaphors and ambiguity should be avoided.

Promotion through another website or blog

A separate website or blog allows you to send quality targeted traffic to Twitter. If the articles are interesting and informative, the influx of visitors will be high. This approach allows the author of the microblog to save on advertising. If the user does not have their own website, social networks are suitable for promotion. And as paid methods, you can use targeted advertising, advertising posts in the user’s news feed or custom-made materials in publics close to the topic of the blog author.

Mutual subscription

This method assumes that the user will subscribe to people who have become his followers. In the description of the account, it is necessary to leave the tags: #subscription mutually, #reading mutually and other relevant ones. Using these hashtags, other users who are interested in such an exchange will find the author using an internal search. In parallel, you need to publish one post every day with a proposal for a mutual subscription. At the beginning, the number of followers will be small. However, with the growth of the fake audience, “natural” subscribers will also appear who will be interested in the author’s content.

Interaction with the audience

Constant communication with the audience keeps readers on the blog and increases the number of subscriptions. Your company needs to respond to user comments, respond to retweets and, if necessary, help solve problems that arise. But it is important to understand that this is a slow way to move forward.

Order of complex promotion

This is an expensive promotion method that is not suitable for users with a limited budget. But if the blog author is engaged in online commerce and wants to increase the growth of followers (as well as the number of sales), then professional help is indispensable.

Promotion through trends or contests

If the blog author gets into Twitter trends, he gets a lot of traffic and subscriptions. The fastest way to do this is to come up with a flash mob or organize a challenge, and then promote the event on all platforms. Users love to participate in sweepstakes and receive rewards. No need to come up with complicated conditions for the promotion: just repost or subscribe.

The success of profile promotion depends on the topic chosen by the microblog author. It is also necessary to correctly design an account, fill it with high-quality content and interact with the audience: respond to comments, retweets, and conduct sweepstakes. With an integrated approach, users will subscribe to the microblog, and the author will receive new readers.

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