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Most companies have concluded that the most crucial component of a successful business is a well-made website. This is not surprising because most companies now go online, if not wholly, then at least a large part of the orders they receive go through a web page or an account in social networks. But even if you have a page filled with great and unique articles, after a few months, you can look at the traffic statistics and be surprised that it is almost zero. This is not something extraordinary because when writing articles, you could have made several mistakes that made your content invisible to Google; for example, the topic of the article was not fully disclosed, or the keywords used do not have a search volume, or the title of the article is such that bots Google cannot understand what it is about. What will be the consequences? In the worst case, you and your article will be lost on the world wide web. If the search engines can’t find your content, if it’s aimed at the wrong audience, or if the topic doesn’t seem interesting, the likelihood that you’ll achieve your goals is almost zero. That is why, very often, companies decide to conduct search engine optimization of the site. 


What are site and content optimization?


In short, search engine optimization of sites is a specific list of actions that involve introducing such changes that will contribute to promoting the site in search engines. And almost the central part of these changes will concern the content itself. Content is the content of the site, that is, its entire content, which includes articles that you can find on the site, photos, and video materials. Everyone probably knows why we pay a lot of attention to content. Thanks to content, your visitor, and potentially your client or customer, begins to get to know you, your company, your services, or your product. Content is what makes people “get to know you” and “want to continue a relationship.” Through content optimization, we usually understand the performance of various tasks, carrying out certain operations and changes, the primary purpose of which will be to increase the relevance of the site to user searches. This involves working with keywords used on this page, with text design, and working with photos and video content. Usually, it is advisable to carry out such work before the site is launched because it can immediately improve your statistics. But if your company was created many years ago, and the web page, although it was created, was not used to promote your company, you can order these services and optimize the content on the already existing site.


Keyword optimization


To learn how keyword optimization is done, you will need to delve a little deeper into philology. Content optimization is performed according to a complex semantic core, that is, according to specific thematic keywords, which will be the most accurate way to characterize the product or service offered by the site. How to choose these words? Don’t worry; you won’t need to sit and re-read thousands of pages similar to yours. There are certain statistical services that analyze and show the popularity of certain requests among users. When optimizing keywords, you must take into account the integrity of their use. A density equal to 2-3 percent of the total number of words is considered optimal, and the number of keywords should not exceed 1-2. It is equally important that the selected keywords are relevant to the text in which they appear and the general topic of the page. For expert guidance on optimizing your B2B SaaS website’s SEO, consider consulting Skale, the best-in-class B2B SaaS SEO agency.


Optimization of text design in the site content

Our perception of information usually depends on how the text is designed, whether it is convenient for us to read it, and whether we pay attention to something first or not. To make the text easier to read, it is better to use bulleted or numbered lists when designing it because even when we read messages from our friends on social networks, many people find it easier to perceive several small messages than one long read. Also, headings of different levels and font selection. Specialists also recommend using different-level titles and highlighting certain moments in the text with different fonts. But not only the visual component is important. Clever use of optimized keywords in the article will also be the key to your success. That is why you should turn to professionals for content writing services. If you just want to pay money and be sure of the quality, try; we are sure you will be 100% satisfied. Alternatively, you can also consider, whose professional writers are always ready to write content for you with any difficulty and help make it SEO-friendly.


Photo and video optimization

Now it is difficult to imagine a page without video or photo materials because it makes it easier to understand and more interesting. But these materials should also be optimized. If we are talking about photos, then their size is essential. The main rule of optimization can be formulated as follows: The lowest weight with the highest possible quality. If you need to optimize the video, then remember that you need to embed the video in the site page properly, give it a thematic title and description and fill in the tags using keywords.


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