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The follower count is no longer the most important metric for marketers. But that does not make it insignificant, it still holds great value. The first metric that your target audience sees is the number of followers you have and it often influences their decision of following you.

Although, building a large follower base is no longer as simple and easy as it used to be. Posting a few random posts every now and then won’t cut it. Now you have to be more mindful of what the audience seeks, where their interests lie, and what keeps them engaged. You have to experiment with various strategies and track Twitter follower growth to measure the impact of implemented strategies.

In this blog, let’s look at ways you can track your Twitter follower growth to check who follows and unfollows you. Let’s dive in.

How to Track Who Follows and Unfollows You?

Usually, when you need performance metrics related to your Twitter profile you go to the Native Twitter Analytics dashboard. However, when it concerns your follower stats the Native Twitter Analytics does not have much to offer. To be precise, it only notifies you when you gain a new follower.

You completely miss out on insights about your followers, who they are, their demographics, locations, as well unfollows unless you manually track each follower. Although, manually tracking your follows and unfollows can be tedious especially if you have thousands of followers.

Therefore, you need a tool that can help you automate the process and make it easier to track your Twitter follower growth. A tool that can identify new follows and unfollows as well as provide insights about your followers to help plan effective marketing strategies.

FollowerAudit: Track Who Follows and Unfollows You

Twitter analytics does not provide metrics related to your follower growth over time other than the number of followers you gain. If you need detailed insights, you can use FollowerAudit instead.

FollowerAudit is a real-time Twitter follower tracker that can help you track the Twitter followers growth of any public Twitter account.

Track Follows: Follower tracks your Twitter follower growth in real-time. You can track the number of followers you gain on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also extract the list of those followers in an Excel CSV file.

Track Unfollows: It also tracks the number of unfollows (users on the platform that have stopped following you). You can extract their lists as well and identify if there are users worth retaining.

Benefits of Tracking Twitter Follower Growth: Who Follows and Unfollows You

Here are some benefits of tracking Twitter follower growth

Analyze Twitter Follower Growth Rate

By tracking the number of followers you add or lose, you can determine your Twitter follower growth rate. You can use it to measure the impact of your Twitter marketing strategies. If the growth rate is high, the strategies are effective and vice. You can use these insights to identify effective marketing strategies as well as those that aren’t effective.

Identify Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most sought-after paid marketing channels today, Influencers can sway the buying decision of the target audience with a simple tweet or review of the said product or service.

By tracking and analyzing your Twitter follower growth you can identify those that follow and engage with you. You can then select those that are most relevant to your industry and further analyze their follower base to identify the right brand advocate to promote your brand.

Analyze Twitter Followers

Analyzing your Twitter followers is the first step to planning an effective and engaging Twitter marketing strategy. The more you know about your target audience the more personalized you can create to grab the attention of your target audience. With FollowerAudit you can analyze your followers and get valuable insights about them with ease.

Identify Bots, Inactive, and Fake Followers

While increasing your follower count is important, letting fake followers, inactive fans, and bot accounts stay in your follower base won’t do you any good. Since these accounts don’t engage with your content or are interested in your products and services, they won’t increase engagement or your ROI.

Also, if you let them accumulate over time, it might raise allegations of you buying fake followers even if you didn’t. Analyze your followers with FollowerAudit to identify and block such accounts before they become a problem for you.

Track your Competitors

Tracking your competitors’ Twitter follower growth should also be a part of your social strategy. By tracking Twitter followers growth, you can measure the impact of their social media strategies. It will help you identify the most effective strategies of your competitors as well as their mistakes. You can use then use them to plan an effective marketing strategy for your brand.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a highly competitive social media platform and to succeed you must consistently track Twitter follower growth and engagement metrics to idetify what works and to what extent. Start tracking Twitter follower growth with FollowerAudit today.

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Track Who Follows and Unfollows you on Twitter
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