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With the rise of social media and online marketing, businesses and individuals alike are seeking professional photographers to capture captivating images that attract attention and engage their target audience. As a result, photographers often find themselves in high demand, with clients booking their services well in advance to secure their desired dates and ensure they receive the photographer’s expertise.

To effectively manage their workload and plan their work, many photographers rely on a calendar planner online. This tool helps them stay organized and maintain a clear schedule, avoiding double bookings and ensuring they allocate sufficient time for each client. The calendar planner allows photographers to block out specific dates and time slots for shoots, consultations, and post-processing work, ensuring they can balance their workload and meet clients’ expectations.

Photography is one of the main ways to quickly transfer information to people on websites, billboards, and printed materials. The success of using a particular photo relies on the level of creativity and quality in its processing and design. Today we will talk about photography, or rather, about trends in photo design, processing, and retouching.

Double exposure

It is one of the most popular photo manipulation methods that has topped the list of photography design trends for several years now. The most popular is the combination of photographs of man and nature. But there may be other variations, for example, with two photographs of a person with an anaglyph effect overlay. Or using double-exposure animation, which can be done in Photoshop.

Geometric shapes

The use of geometry has become a design trend not only in photography but also in web design. The emphasis is on minimalism, which helps to focus on the most important.

Photo typography

The use of typography in photos is typically found on posters or websites, as it can convey more to viewers than just an image. Therefore, this method of processing photos will always remain in trend. Using text layers, you can create a creative portrait. The letters interact closely with the rest of the design elements and become part of real life. This trend in design will remain for sure for a long time.

Use of free space

The technique of free or negative space in graphic and photo design is to effectively use the space inside or outside the main content.

Dual lighting and color correction

Working with colors in general and photo color correction is an undoubted design trend in photo processing, primarily because of the minimum applied effects with a gorgeous result. Dual lighting is no exception.

Beauty photos

This is a direction in which makeup is the basis of the plot. Most often, these are close-up portrait shots, the purpose of which is to sell cosmetics. This direction includes shooting for advertising brands, online stores, and online and offline magazines. In 2023, skincare cosmetics brands are the leaders in beauty shooting requests. This is due to the fact that most girls practically do not wear makeup. Therefore, additional skin care is very important. Processing: such shots will remain more natural – no one wants to see models with perfect skin without a single flaw, because this does not correspond to reality.

Black and white photo

Have you noticed how often black and white photographs have begun to appear? And it’s not just about minimalism, but also about some dramatic message that such a photo carries. Monochrome is a definite design trend in photography and portraits.

Subject photos

This direction is used by restaurants, marketplaces, online stores, and brands. It includes shooting food, jewelry, interiors, clothes, and shoes. Retouching takes a special place in a subject photo shoot because the pictures should attract attention and sell. Previously, such shootings were not particularly popular, because they took a lot of time: a team of 10-15 people worked on them. Now this direction is used almost everywhere because the profit of thousands of shops and restaurants depends on it. Photo processing will be close to ideal. The task of the retoucher is to bring the photo to a glossy picture that will make a person buy.

Color filters

This is a very popular and easy way to edit a photo. You take a black-and-white photo and overlay it with any color you choose. Thus, you can achieve any emotional coloring of the photo and not overload it with colors.

Vexel graphics and photo vectorization

The desire to get rid of some flaws in the photo (skin flaws) led to the fact that many began to convert photos to a vector view (if redrawn manually) or vexel view and this has become a trend in photo design.

Fashionable colors

Every year Pantone chooses the main color. If you want to be on trend, use it. For example, in 2023 the main color is Viva Magenta. It symbolizes strength, optimism, and joy. Its code is #960018. Use a trendy color, look for bright combinations with it, and your photos will be in trend.

Solid color background and photography

The combination of a photo of a model and a solid background is a favorite technique of designers of many fashion magazines. Harper Bazar set such a trend back in 2015 and it still remains relevant. Try and style your photo in the best traditions of gloss. Plus, it’s so easy to do.


The trend for this graphical device sometimes subsides, then gains strength again, but nevertheless, it has remained relevant for a long time. A glitch is the effect of a photodamage. Just think, this technique has been popular since the 1970s.

Fashion photos

This is a shoot for which fashion products are used: clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Its task is to attract attention and cause a desire to buy. In 2023, the objects of fashion shooting are two types of things:

  • Homewear
  • Clothing for official events (evening dresses, men’s suits)

This contrast is due to two factors. On the one hand, people want to look good even at home and wear stylish clothes. On the other hand, everyone loves the holidays, so they concentrate on images for going out. The processing of this type of photo will be moderately retouched – without excessive naturalness (overweight, wrinkles) or porcelain skin of models. It is necessary to eliminate imperfections, but at the same time preserve the natural look of the picture.

In conclusion, these trends in photography design and editing are key elements that contribute to the success of a photo and remain popular in the industry. By staying updated with these trends photographers can create visually appealing images and capture the attention of viewers.

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