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For anyone who wants to grow their Twitter presence and influence, measuring performance is an important part of their social strategy. Twitter analytics can provide key insights about what works, how your audience engages, and what it engages with the most.

Since its launch in 2014, the native Twitter analytics has been a goldmine of information for brands, marketers, and influencers. Furthermore, the dashboard, metrics, and insights have improved with time.

In this article, we will discuss how to take advantage of analytics and enhance your Twitter marketing strategy. Let’s get started:

What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter analytics is an in-built performance tracking platform that offers insights into your Twitter activity. Similar to Google analytics or Instagram analytics, Twitter analytics provides comprehensive analytical insights and metrics. These insights can help you measure the impact of your Twitter marketing strategies.

It provides detailed monthly analytical reports that include various useful metrics. Going through these metrics can help you uncover valuable insights that can enhance your Twitter strategy.

How to Access Twitter Analytics?

Just follow these simple steps to get access to your account’s analytics:

  • On the Twitter homepage, click More.

access Twitter Analytics step 1

  • Then click on the Analytics from the menu.

access Twitter Analytics step 2

  • It will open your Twitter analytics dashboard.

You can track the performance and activity of your Twitter profile since the day you created your account. Here’s what to expect:

Twitter analytics dashboard

Twitter Analytics dashboard screenshot

On the Twitter analytics dashboard, you will find tweet highlights for each month which includes:

  • Top tweet
  • Top mention
  • Top follower

Once you move past the tweet highlights, you will get insights about your monthly Twitter activity:

  • The total number of tweets you posted.
  • The impressions on your tweets.
  • The total number of profile visits.
  • The number of tweets mentioning your account.
  • The number of new followers you added.

Tweet Analytics

Twitter Analytics tweet activity screenshot

The tweet activity section provides a 28-day summary of your tweets. You can get a detailed day-to-day performance breakdown of your tweets. You can also choose to access analytics of specific time durations using the date range option in the calendar. You can get insights like:

  • Total impressions
  • Overall engagement
  • Engagement rate

Video Analytics

video performance metrics

On the analytics dashboard, navigate to More and click on Videos from the dropdown menu. Just like the tweet analytics, you will get access to all performance metrics of videos posted using Twitter Media Studio and Twitter Ads. Here are some of the important metrics you will find:

  • Total video views
  • Video completion rate
  • Total minutes of video viewed
  • Video retention

Conversion Tracking

conversion tracking

The last option in the analytics dashboard is conversion tracking. You can track actions like installs, purchases, and sign-ups. You just have to set up a website tag to grant access for tracking conversions.

Benefits of Using Twitter Analytics

benefits of Analytical insights

Using Twitter analytics can help you identify what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, it can help you make data-driven decisions, which is obviously better than trying and testing random strategies.

Identify resonating content

Consistently posting resonating content to keep the audiences engaged is difficult even for seasoned marketers. But Twitter analytics can help you craft an engaging content strategy to increase interactions and even get new followers.

You can check the performance of your tweets and identify those with the most engagement. These tweets can help you find content topics that your followers like to engage with the most. You can use these content topics to develop an effective content strategy for your brand and keep your users engaged.

Find strategies that work

Measuring the impact of your social media strategies is important. The analytical insights can help you measure the impact of your strategies. You can also use these metrics to identify strategies that are effective from the ones that aren’t. You can then use similar or improved strategies to increase your brand’s social media presence.

Spot trends and patterns

Because you can look at your brand’s analytics report on a regular basis, spotting patterns and trends is a simple task. Examine how people reacted to the one-time Twitter poll in comparison to other polls. You can find out if weekend tweets outperform weekday tweets.

Understanding what is popular in content, what media formats work best, and how trends change will help you determine what you should create and publish in the future.

See when your audience grows

Twitter analytics allows marketers to ensure that their follower base is growing. New followers are included in the monthly Twitter analytics report.

You can track your Twitter follower growth on a monthly basis using Twitter analytics. It can assist you in tracking the growth of your social media presence. You can determine whether your strategies are successful in generating new leads for your brand.

Track performance of your ad campaigns

You want to ensure that your tweet marketing investment is paying off. Examine your Twitter metrics to see how your paid and organic tweets compare. You’ll notice that the money you’re spending is expanding your reach to more people. Analytics tools can be used to compare the effectiveness of various Promoted Tweets on Twitter.

How to Get Audience Insights?

While Twitter analytics is an excellent marketing tool, it provides very little information about your audience. Know more about your follower base can help you develop better marketing strategies. Unfortunately, the in-built Twitter analytics feature no longer provides audience insights.

What’s fortunate though is that there are several third-party Twitter analytics tools that can help you get audience insights. One such tool is FollowerAudit.

FollowerAudit Twitter follower analysis

FollowerAudit is a Twitter follower tracking tool that can monitor, analyze, and track Twitter followers of any public Twitter account. You can track new followers and identify those that unfollow you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can identify influencers, inactive accounts, or fake followers with ease.

  • Track Twitter follower growth
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Identify inactive and fake followers
  • Track unfollows

The basic monthly plan starts at $29.99 a month.

Wrapping Up

First, leverage the data that Twitter Analytics is already providing to become an expert in Twitter marketing. It’s completely free! So, put it to use. You’re now ready to take advantage of this data to enhance your content strategy. Log in to your Twitter account and check out your dashboard.

Remember, knowing your audience is the most important guideline for any marketer.

Useful Insights You can Learn from Twitter Analytics
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Useful Insights You can Learn from Twitter Analytics
Useful Insights You can Learn from Twitter Analytics.
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