Want to Buy Fake Followers? Here’s What Happens When You Do

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buying fake followers

Growing your follower count can be tricky, especially now. There are numerous brands that are competing for the attention of the same userbase to grow their brand. The usual and right way to do requires substantial time, effort, and dedication. It involves posting resonating content, engaging with the users, and building a relationship.

But some users don’t want to put in the time and effort. They look for a short route to success and eventually end-up buying fake followers. But do you know what happens when you buy fake followers?

In this blog, we will discuss what users can expect to happen when they buy fake followers. Let’s get started.

Why Buy Fake Followers?

Most users or brands on Twitter or any other social media platform want to increase their follower count. While the right way involves posting engaging content, analyzing your performance, and optimizing your engagement strategy over time.

However, not everyone wants to put the time and effort to build an engaging follower base. So, they choose a short route to success, that is buying fake followers. It drastically increases your follower count and creates an illusion of popularity.

Once you have bought the follower, you can sit back and watch your followers grow.

How to Buy Fake Twitter Followers?

There are numerous cheap services that sell fake Twitter followers. If you want, you can get 1000 followers for as cheap as $27. Although, as the name suggests, these aren’t genuine followers, they are automated bot accounts.

buy fake followers

To buy followers, you simply link your Twitter account to the service, then choose the number of followers you want to buy and complete the purchase. It’s as simple as that.

Does Buying Fake Followers Work?

The answer to the question, “Does Buying Fake Followers Work?” is both yes and no. To be precise, it depends on what you want to achieve.

If just boosting your follower count was what you were aiming for then yes. You will have tons of notifications of new users following you.

However, if your aim was to be successful then absolutely not. It has the exact opposite effect as fake followers are bad for your account analytics and damage your credibility.

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy fake followers

Drops engagement rate

Buying fake followers can increase your follower count but not your engagement rate. Having thousands of followers that do not engage with does you no good. Furthermore, if you keep buying fake Twitter followers, it will keep decreasing your engagement rate.

Twitter may suspend your account

Fake followers have been a major concern for social media platforms including Twitter. They made it a priority to identify and suspend fake accounts as well as users that have a substantial number of fake followers. In Twitter’s case, it consistently updates its algorithm to identify fake followers. If you are suspected of having fake followers, your account will get banned.

Real users can tell

Bought followers can inflate your follower count and create an illusion of popularity. This illusion will help you get the attention of more users and help you get more followers. But when the users don’t find engaging content or the engagement that your posts should have in comparison to your follower count, they will soon realize the truth and unfollow your account.

Tons of analytics tools to detect fake followers

Analytics is now an important social media marketing tool and is inbuilt in all social media platforms. While the native analytics feature only allows access to your performance statistics, there are tons of third-party tools that can give you access to analytics of someone else’s account. Anyone can use these third-party tools to analyze your follower base and identify fake Twitter followers.

How to Build an Engaging Follower Base?

Here are the legit ways to increase your Twitter follower base.

Post relevant and engaging content

Twitter is a place where people go to engage in conversations and find information that interests them. If you want to increase the number of people who follow you on Twitter, you need to post information that is both interesting to your followers and useful to them.

Use Twitter Analytics if you don’t know what kind of content your audience enjoys the most.  Check out the Explore page and use keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your industry and demographic to get into popular issues.

Add visual elements

Twitter has a 280-character limit, so it is not much you can write in the text to draw attention. But if you add visual elements such as images and videos, you can draw the attention of users to your tweets. On Twitter, 97 % of users focus on visuals, so incorporating visual elements in your Tweets can make them more distinctive. Make your material more engaging and memorable by using a range of images and videos.


Tweet consistently

Content should be delivered on a regular basis so that your audience may expect it and look forward to it. Make a content calendar to help you organize your thoughts and make sure you’re active on Twitter at key times of the year and throughout major holidays. You can also use a third-party tool to schedule tweets ahead of time so you don’t miss posting for your users.

Engage with your followers

It’s all about connecting with others on Twitter. If you’re going to do anything, don’t just tweet about it. Engage with thought leaders in your field by following them on Twitter, retweeting their posts, and replying to customer mentions. Also, adding a touch of humor and showing the human side of your brand further helps you connect with your audience.


Promote your @username

Increase the number of individuals who see your brand. A follow button on your website, a Twitter link in your email signature and newsletters, and a mention on business cards or menus are all good ways to get people to follow you on Twitter.

Ask your customers to follow

Existing customers’ emails can be used to locate those who have already joined Twitter. To start a conversation with your customers on Twitter, simply add their email addresses to your contact list and follow them.

Host a giveaway or contest

Contests and giveaways are very effective in increasing your follower count. You can start with simple content which requires users to like, follow, and retweet in exchange for a reward. You will gain a substantial number of new followers for your brand.


Run a follower campaign

You may speed up your growth by running a followers campaign in addition to expanding your organic following. You only pay when someone follows you after seeing your ad through a followers campaign, which allows you to promote your account to a specific audience.

Short campaigns can help you get traction, as can an always-on campaign to bring in a steady supply of new users. Increasing your brand’s Twitter followers will take some trial-and-error and patience, but the results will be worth it in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Buying fake followers may seem like a good idea at first, but trust me, in the long run, it really won’t. The most effective way is to put the time and effort to build an engaging follower base. You can use the Native Twitter analytics feature to identify what topics your audience likes the most and draw the most engagement.

Lastly, make sure to track your Twitter follower growth in real-time. Doing so will help you analyze the impact of your implemented strategies and improvise before it’s too late. FollowerAudit can help you track the Twitter follower growth of any Twitter account as well as identify fake followers.

Now that you have all the insights it’s time to get started.

Thinking of Buying Fake Followers? Here's What Happens When You Do
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Thinking of Buying Fake Followers? Here's What Happens When You Do
Thinking of Buying Fake Followers? Here's What Happens When You Do
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