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Semrush, one of the first tools to come to mind by SEO, is helping SEO experts and website owners with a number of metrics and data provided by websites in SEO optimization. We’re going to process the analysis and the results from these analysis with Semrush. Let’s start with the description of Semrush.

Semrush is an application that allows you to analyze the appearance of your website, allow you to do website analysis and rival analysis under SEO and marketing, and also offers marketing insights in the sector of your site outside SEO. With many tools he owns, it is useful to tell SEO experts, marketing experts, content writers, and brand experts that there are a lot of benefits in the free version of the Semrush (SEO).

You can find the tools of the Semrush.

  • SEO Tools
  • Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Ads
  • Keyword Tools
  • Competitive Analysis Tools
  • Brand Positioning Tools
  • Containment Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Introduction Tools
  • Campaign Management Tools

How to Use Semrush?

We’ve explained what kind of operations can be done by giving information about Semrush up to this part of our article. Next, we have information on how to use the Semrush app. It is also important that the right use of the Semrush (Semrush), which has a lot of cars, is important. False analysis from misuses will affect your SEO or marketing strategies directly. Let’s try to explain the steps with the titles.

Don’t do Keyword Research with Semrush

Keyword research, perhaps the most useful tool in SEO privacy, provides detailed information on keywords related to your website. You can analyze keywords from the subspecies of the key menu on the left-hand menu of Semrush.

Semrush, which allows you to make your key vocabulary country-based, allows you to analyze not only Turkey but for many different countries.

In addition to this, you are given keyword ideas, search volumes of these keywords, and type of keyword (knowledge or exchange) with Keyword Magic Tool.

Do Not Do Backlink Analysis With Semrush

Another tool of the Semrush, the backlink analysis, is found under the menu of the Link Building. From a different site, you can see the links given to your site through this tool. In addition, this tool allows you to see not only the connections given to your site but also the connections of your competitors.

When you run the report for your website’s backlink analysis, you can find a large report containing all the connections given to the main domain and subdomain, the location of these links, IP addresses, species, and anchor texts.

We’d like to explain a little bit about the type of connections given. These links can be text-based, visual, form- or frame connections. In addition, you can also see links that are connected to the links given to follow, no-walk, and sponsored.

Organic Traffic Analysis With Semrush

You can also analyze the traffic from organic searches of your website or rival sites and the keywords that bring this traffic.

You can find the reports you will see in the report provided after you have done the organic traffic analysis.

  • The best keywords
  • Best position changes
  • Keyword types
  • Best pages
  • Main organic competitors
  • Keyword positions
  • Position changes
  • Competitive
  • Subdomains

You can have detailed information about your website, your competitors, and your sector with an organic traffic analysis tool that provides you with detailed reporting.

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