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who unfollowed me on Twitter- clean Timeline

There are times when you can be proud of your humongous follower base, then there are times where you have to face the truth: Who unfollowed me on Twitter?

It’s time to clean up your Twitter timeline.

Sadly, becoming a notorious unfollower is the only way to clean your Twitter timeline.

Everyone wants to increase their followers on Twitter. In this frantic race to increase followers, many users indiscriminately follow numerous accounts, assuming they would follow-back. While the ‘follow-follow back’ trend has been around for a long time, users are now assessing its drawbacks.

Needlessly accepting follow requests and following back really messes with your timeline. It turns your timeline into an unproductive, noisy, and less useful information source.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to clean your Twitter timeline. We will also dive deeper into the reasons that could lead someone to unfollow along with the tools to help identify who unfollowed me. Let’s dive in,

Who Unfollowed Me: The Follow/Follow back Trend

Even today, some people follow numerous accounts hoping they would follow back. Users are so infatuated with attaining a high follower count. Although, the trend has seen a rapid decline. This trend runs on the belief that users you follow will back. But this is partly true nowadays, as only 30% of users actually follow back.

In recent years, services that offer fake followers for a fixed price are widely sought-after by users that want to increase their follower count to look popular.

Either way, be it the follow-follow back trend or buying fake followers, none of these approaches will make you successful on Twitter. Times have changed, people no longer care about who has more followers or who is more successful in the industry. The audience on Twitter now seeks engaging and valuable content. If you post content that adds value, they will surely be hooked to your content.

Users no longer want their Twitter timelines cluttered with unrelated content. Nobody likes scrolling endlessly to find relevant and engaging content.

The Drawbacks of the Follow-Follow Back Trend

One of the most major drawbacks of the follow-follow back trend is that it ruins your Twitter follower-following ratio. Your follower-following ratio is an important account quality indicator. It can help other users gauge how much irrelevant content you are exposed to. Twitter has long been promoting quality over quantity and too much noise in your Twitter timeline is not an indicator of a good Twitter account.

Let’s look at some other drawbacks or disadvantages of the mass follow-follow back trend,

  • If you follow too many people, it contaminates your Twitter timeline. There is just too much noise that you have to navigate through to find relevant content.
  • The follow-follow back trend can lead Twitter to suggest your account to the wrong people or worse not suggest at all. Don’t follow too many accounts that barely have anything to do with your interests. It confuses Twitter and makes it difficult to suggest your account to other users.
  • Following or following back needlessly can result in a decline in your Twitter follower quality. If you are trying to become an influencer, it’s worse. As your follower base doesn’t have similar interests, brands cannot find their target audience in your follower base. You will have a hard time finding good influencer marketing prospects.
  • The mass follow-follow back trend declines your Twitter follower quality and impacts the engagement statistics of your tweets. As your follower base have different interests, they may not engage with your content.
  • Even if you manage to land an influencer marketing campaign deal from a brand, you will have a hard time finding a large audience to appeal to.
  • It will be difficult to measure the impact of your Twitter strategy. It doesn’t matter how good a strategy you have, if your efforts go unnoticed you cannot get results.

It will make it difficult to find quality content that adds value. Eventually, you will lose interest as your timeline will become a massive pool of diverse content that you have no interest in.

Who unfollowed me on Twitter: How to clean your Twitter account?

Who unfollowed me on Twitter? This question can guide you in the right direction and help you clean your Twitter account.

Identify users that don’t follow back

The first thing to do to clean your Twitter account is to check for users you follow but don’t follow back. Some users simply don’t follow back, then there are users that initially follow you but unfollow your account as soon as you follow them.

Identify such users and unfollow their accounts as they don’t provide any engagement or even increase your follower count. Unfollowing such accounts can help clean your timeline by removing their content.

Identify users that aren’t worth following

The next step to cleaning your Twitter timeline is by identifying and removing accounts that follow you but don’t engage with your tweets.

Start with identifying inactive followers that haven’t engaged or posted anything in a really long while. Such accounts may be users that no longer use Twitter or automated Twitter accounts that were abandoned after the Twitter algorithm changes.

Next, start looking for fake followers or bots in your Twitter follower base. These accounts only inflate your Twitter follower count, but don’t provide engagement or increase conversion rates. If you let these accounts stay dormant in your follower base, they accumulate over-time and if identified can tarnish your online reputation.

Identify users that share similar interests

The last step is to identify users/followers with similar interests. These accounts are future subscribers, customers, and readers of your content. Try to identify followers that share the same interests as you. Such followers can increase engagement on your tweets and conversion rates.

But before unfollowing any of the accounts from your follower base, make a list of the important users that you want to keep.

Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter? Mistakes that can make users unfollow you

Now that you know how to clean your Twitter account, let’s discuss some common mistakes that users often make that can force people to unfollow your Twitter account.

You are tweeting irrelevant content

Twitter is a widely sought-after source of news and information worldwide. Twitter users check their timelines to stay updated on the latest news, trends, and happenings across the globe. Users now seek valuable content or information, and if you don’t post relevant content consistently for your target audience, it can make them unfollow your Twitter profile. Post content that is related to your industry or niche because that is where your followers value your opinion.

You don’t post content that adds value

Post content that adds value for other users. The more value-added content you post, the more people follow you and value your opinion. But if you suddenly start tweeting on matters unrelated to your industry, you will have a hard time keeping your followers engaged.

Tweet latest news and updates related to your industry or niche. You can also post informational guides to help users or links that offer such content.

Don’t tweet off-topic. Also, make sure to tweet wisely in matters related to politics or any social issue.

Don’t get too personal

Posting about yourself a few times is ok. But excessively tweeting about your personal life will do you no good. Yes, your followers want to know a bit about you now and then. But making it all about yourself and not providing any actual information can make users unfollow your Twitter profile.

Twitter users check their timelines to find valuable information and updates. Share less about yourself and think what generates more value for your followers instead.

You rarely post content

The last reason users unfollow you is because you rarely post content, or not at all. The moment you stop posting content that adds value for the users and keeps them engaged, they will unfollow you. Social media is a two-way street. If you don’t offer value for your followers, they will oblige you with the same.

Who unfollowed me? Best tools to track Twitter unfollowers

So far, we have discussed how to clean your Twitter timeline and the reasons why users may unfollow you. Now let’s dive into some analytics tools to help track Twitter follower growth and identify who unfollowed me.


who unfollowed me: Twitter follower tracker

FollowerAudit is a paid Twitter analytics platform that can help you track, monitor, and analyze the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account. You can identify fake followers or bots from the targeted Twitter accounts follower base. FollowerAudit provides instant notifications on gaining or losing each follower. You can track Twitter accounts that have unfollowed you and analyze their profile to find if they are worth retaining.

Key features of FollowerAudit,

  • Track who unfollowed me on Twitter
  • Identify fake, inactive, and spam accounts
  • Track Twitter follower growth
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Identify influencers

FollowerAudit does not offer a free trial, instead, it offers a free plan for users. The premium monthly/yearly plans start at $9.99/$59.99, respectively


Twitter follower tracker: Who unfollowed me on Twitter

Tweepi is another great Twitter analytics tool that can help you track the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account. It can also help you track Twitter accounts that have unfollowed your Twitter account. You can also identify users you follow but don’t follow back.

Key features of Tweepi,

  • Track Twitter follower growth
  • Track who unfollowed me
  • Identify inactive accounts
  • Identify users that don’t follow back

The premium monthly/yearly plans for Tweepi start at $10.75/$12.99 per month, respectively.

Unfollower Stats

clean your Twitter timeline: remove unfollowers

Unfollower Stats is an amazing tool that can help you track the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account. It can help you find Twitter unfollowers, inactive accounts, spammers, and more. It can also help you find the most contributing followers for your Twitter profile.

Key features of Unfollower Stats,

  • Track Twitter followers
  • Identify inactive and fake accounts
  • Who unfollowed me

Unfollower Stats offers a free plan for users. The basic premium plan starts at $4.99 a month.

Closing Thoughts

Twitter has changed and so has the most valued metrics. Follower count is replaced by engagement as the most important metric. The quality of the content you post is more important than ever. Give importance to users that share similar interests and want to engage with your brand’s Twitter profile. Use a Twitter analytics tool to extract insights and plan an effective Twitter strategy. Focus on building an engaging follower base rather than just inflating your follower count.

Who Unfollowed Me: How to Clean Your Twitter Timeline?
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Who Unfollowed Me: How to Clean Your Twitter Timeline?
Who Unfollowed Me: How to Clean Your Twitter Timeline?
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