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Twitter has long established itself as one of the leading and most influential social media platforms. It is also an excellent marketing tool that can help businesses promote their brand, target new audiences, generate awareness, and build a community.

As of Q2 of 2021, Twitter has over 206 million monetizable daily active users. These are users that are willing to can see ads and are open to trying new products and services.

Furthermore, Twitter offers many opportunities to increase social media presence and reach new customers. Trending topics, hashtags, spaces, pinned tweets, and lists, there are numerous ways to highlight your brand account on Twitter and boost visibility. If you play your cards right, you can boost your Twitter follower growth and increase conversions.

Best Twitter Analytics Tool for Increasing Followers


Twitter follower tracker

FollowerAudit is a Twitter follower auditing service that keeps track of your Twitter follower growth. Running an audit on any public Twitter platform can detect fake or inactive followers. It can also track the number of followers on a Twitter account as it grows. This can help you determine whether an influencer’s Twitter following is genuine.

Select the ideal brand advocate to promote and grow your business by identifying influencers with genuine and followers. The number of new Twitter followers gained by the account can also be used to track the success of your Twitter marketing initiatives.

To summarize, you can keep track of new followers and those that have stopped following your Twitter account. Lists of these users can be compiled, and their Twitter profiles can be analyzed to determine which followers should be retained.

The most basic monthly and yearly plans start at $29 and $179.99 per year, respectively.


FollowersAnalysis is an amazing Twitter analytics tool that can provide a comprehensive analysis of the followers of any public Twitter account. It offers a complete list of your Twitter followers and following. Furthermore, you also get access to comprehensive analytical insights that can help you better understand your audience.

It also analyzes the most recent 3200 tweets of the targeted Twitter account. You can get insights that can help you identify the content users like, what hashtags to use when to post, and much more.

FollowersAnalysis does not follow a subscription-based model. Instead, you only pay for the data you require. The basic analysis reports start at $29 and may increase depending on the size of your follower base.


You can analyze your Twitter following with the help of FollowerWonk. Users can use the following search tools: Search Bios, Compare Users, Analyze, Track Followers, and Sort Followers. If you’re interested in learning more about the people that follow you on Twitter, check it out. You can keep tabs on the rise of a public Twitter user’s followers using the service.

You may also use it to audit your followers, identify fake accounts, or track Twitter follower growth. Assess the credibility of your followers, your competitors, and your influencers with ease.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics dashboard to audit tweets

Twitter analytics is an analytics platform that is integrated with Twitter and can be accessed by any user of the platform. It was introduced in 2014 and since has been a valuable tool for brands and marketers. It tracks the performance of your Twitter profile and provides real-time analysis that offers valuable insights. You can identify the content that resonates with your audience, know about new followers, track engagement, and much.

Although Twitter has removed the audience section, it’s still a goldmine of information and most importantly free. You cannot track your Twitter follower growth but you do get notified of each follower you gain through the monthly performance summary.


track Twitter follower growth

When it comes to analyzing Twitter followers, Bluenod has a firm foothold in the market. track Twitter followers and discover what’s going on behind the scenes to increase your Twitter engagements. You’ll see tangible results if you keep an eye out for influencers who have the potential to help your business grow.

Rather than relying on a hunch or a stab in the dark, this method assists you in selecting influencers who will assist you in increasing your following.

Unbox Social

track Twitter follower growth

Unbox Social is another amazing Twitter analytics that can help you stand out on the highly competitive platform, Twitter. It offers a wide range of premium features to analyze your content, find engaging topics, track Twitter followers, track engagement, and more.

These insights can help you plan an effective content and marketing strategy that can keep your followers engaged and draw new ones to your profile.


track Twitter follower growth

Tweepi can help you determine if your Twitter account has any fake followers. You can tell the difference between real and fake followers by using the fake follower and undesirable follower filters. In addition, look for inactive Twitter users who have stopped engaging with your brand.

Apart from improving the quality of your follower base, it can also suggest people follow based on predefined criteria. Tweepi also offers a free plan, though its features are severely limited. The most basic plan for Tweepi’s premium service starts at $13 per month.


track Twitter follower growth

In terms of Twitter analytics tools, SocialPilot is one of the best. It divides tweets into useful categories like the most popular, most loved, and most retweeted ones, among others. With its in-depth analysis of your Twitter activity dashboard, SocialPilot assists you in increasing interaction on your profile.


Twitter follower audit

Using TwitterAudit, you can keep tabs on your followers and do an audit on any public Twitter account. It can assist you in determining the trustworthiness of any public Twitter account’s followers.

You can avoid influencer fraud by using a Twitter audit to find the ideal brand advocate to promote your company’s brand.


track Twitter follower growth

Use ManageFlitter to keep track of your Twitter followers and increase your following. You can use a variety of filters to arrange your Twitter list and the people you follow from it. You may also find new people to follow and communicate with on Twitter by using the proprietary search.

Users who unfollow your Twitter profile will appear in this list. A free version of ManageFlitter is also available, although it has less functionality. Unlimited access to the above-mentioned capabilities, as well as tweet and interaction data, are included with the $12/month entry-level basic plan.

Closing Thoughts

While Twitter follower growth is no longer the title of the most important metric, it still holds great importance. The above-mentioned are some of the best tools that can help you analyze your follower and provide valuable insights to optimize your Twitter strategy.

10 Best Twitter Analytics Tools to Boost your Follower Growth
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10 Best Twitter Analytics Tools to Boost your Follower Growth
10 Best Twitter Analytics Tools to Boost your Follower Growth
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