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Without a Twitter analytics tool , you won’t be able to pinpoint your best Twitter strategies, and it all starts with choosing the right analytics tool. Which can be challenging whether you’re an expert or just a beginner. With this much excessive competition and so many Twitter analytics tools, it’s not easy to decide which tool is the best for you!

If you are looking for the best twitter analytics tools that’s more focused on your audience. No worries, we got your back. Here’s a list of 10 best Twitter analytics tools in 2022, that can give a boost to your Twitter marketing endeavors.


about the tool and guide how to do analysis

FollowerAudit is one of the best Twitter Analytics tools available in the market. It allows you to run fake followers audits, track followers and unfollowers growths and analyze any Twitter account without even notifying them. It’s  the most user-friendly tool when it comes to comparing fake followers audit reports to multiple accounts . 

FollowerAudit is an advanced AI-based self-learning Twitter analytics tool that includes

  • Audit of your or any other public Twitter account to identify the percentage of fake followers and inactive followers
  • Track Followers Growth
  • Track Unfollowers
  • Analyze followers and get detailed insights
  • Compare fake followers audit report of multiple Twitter accounts

This AI-based Twitter analytics tool offers real-time metrics  for new followers and unfollowers. It also provides a list of fake and inactive followers which can also be downloaded.Together these features could help analyze your growth and get valuable insights about your followers.

Price: FollowerAudit offers free Twitter Audit for upto 5000 followers of any public Twitter account. Pricing Starts at $29.99/month.

Native Twitter Analytics

about the tool and guide how to do analysis

Native twitter analytics tool is the perfect Twitter tool for beginners in this digital adventure as it’s easy to use and is free of cost. It offers bunch of amazing analytical insights such as:

  • Identify top Twitter accounts, top tweets, and top mentions
  • Check the size of audience and followers.
  • Track the engagement rate, tweet impressions, and profile visits
  • Get insights of tweets frequency increasing or decreasing.

Native twitter analytics tool helps to know your target audience and find the content that they are most interested in.

Price: This is free Twitter analytics tool


about the tool and guide how to do analysis

     TrackMyHashtag is one of the outstanding, AI enabled Twitter analytics tools that can monitor any hashtag, mentions and keyword and gives you an instant update of your performance metrics to improve Twitter marketing. The tool also fetches the historical data related to any hashtag or any topic since 2006.

TrackMyHashtag’s real-time features enables users to obtain:

  • Real-time hashtag tracking
  • Identify the most engaging media, hashtags, and URLs
  • Geographical insights in real-time
  •  Social media analytics of campaigns of your competitors
  • Identify influencers to promote your brand
  • Track tweet timeline or daily and weekly usage pattern

With the help of TrackMyHashtag you can analyze your competitors’ activity, reach and engagement to plan your marketing strategy and improve your Twitter campaign’s overall performance.

Price: TrackMyHashtag offers a 5-day free trial. Pricing starts at $49 per month.


about the tool and guide how to do analysis

Keyhole is a real-time savior among various Twitter analytics tools, it collects data from all social media platforms and tracks tweets in real-time, it helps to understand how competitors are performing not only by giving insights of their followers but engagement rate also.

Moreover, it provides information in their dashboard that can also:

  • Track your brands performance across all social media platforms
  • Examine all your campaigns and measure all metrics in real time
  • Helps you to understand how your hashtags are performing
  • Compare posts by influencers using a shareable dashboard

It has a unique feature, the Keyhole Premium Support, in which a professional will be assisting you with your performance and market reach.

Price : Starts at $99 per month.


about the tool and guide how to do analysis

FollowerSearch is a platform that allows you to search Twitter accounts by applying filters based on their bios, following, followers, tweets and even their Twitter age. It sorts the account accordingly to get targeted and precise results.

Key features of FollowersSearch 

  • Influencer friendly search customization options.
  • Sort Twitter Followers by location, followers count , location etc.
  • Apply language and location-based filters. Perform Twitter search only for specific languages or specific location

Price: FollowerSearch provides you a free trial for 50 searches and 20 profiles. Basics pricing plan starts from $29.


about the tool and guide how to do analysis

Twitonomy is one of those Twitter analytics tools that offers a vast range of informative resources. The most important feature of this Twitter analytics tool is that it compares two twitter accounts metrics. Therefore, you can easily track your competitors Twitter account and compare your performance based on keywords and in-depth analysis.

Twitonomy provides users with:

  • Profile analysis including tweets, retweets, mentions, and hashtags
  •  Your tracked hashtags with in-depth analytical reports
  • Interactive map of users who mentioned you in their tweet
  • Insights of your followers and following

It provides top languages used, with insight of social media analytics and user’s historical data.

Price: The premium plan for Twitonomy starts at $20 per month.


about the tool and guide how to do analysis

 TweetReach is a real-time hashtags tracking Twitter analytics tool, which also provides twitter monitoring and trackers reports to analyze the engagement of twitter accounts, content performance, competitive analysis and more.

  • Measure direct and earned organic conversation
  • Perform competitive analysis
  • Identify hashtags and URLs that attract more engagement

TweetReach shows interaction, discussion, rise and fall in your followers and identify the influencers that are engaged in your content.

Price: TweetReach premium plans start at $29 per month.


hootsuite- about tool and guide to audit

 Hootsuite is an awesome platform for social media managers handling multiple accounts. It has a unique feature that helps you plan your posts for your business account. Moreover, the planning also helps to understand the changing needs of customers.

  • Hootsuite provides a full stack of analytic tools.
  • Advance post schedule
  • Check performance of your content
  • New content ideas to repost
  • Overview of your engagement metrics

 Hootsuites is a solution for teams who collaborate on campaigns across different social channels. 

Price: Hootsuite starts at $19 per month.


Followeranalysis- about tool, twitter audit guide.

FollowersAnalysis is an advanced AI-based Twitter analytics tool, that provides you the complete list of Twitter followers, following and tweets of any Twitter account which can also be exported directly to CSV/Excel. The tool also fetches the historical tweets, mentions, and keywords from any date range going back to 2006.

Key features of Followers Analysis

  • Analyze more than the 3200 recent tweets.
  • Get data along with tweet content like Tweet id, URL, Time, Source and retweet.
  •  Analyze your follower and following
  • Identify influencers
  • Get historical tweets since 2006.

Price: FollowerAnalysis starts at $29


Brand24 analytic on twitter account guide.

Brand24 provides the ability to measure Twitter’s hashtags and performance, that is you can stay up-to-date with all the new exciting and interesting conversation, the tool also helps to monitor your performance on multiple social media platforms, with 100% accurate reach of your Twitter marketing and engagement.

 Key Features of Brand24 are

  • Shows tweets containing specific keywords or hashtags.
  • Estimate tweet reach.
  • Social media engagement
  • Check the performance of the tweet in real time.

With the help of these features, you can boost your reach even further. 

Price : starts at $49 and offers a 14-day free trial.

Wrapping up!

In short, Twitter is one of the most accomplished platforms to promote your brand with key aspects of social media marketing. Twitter analytics tools will help you find the best time to post, what content to publish, and track audience engagement in real-time. 

You can analyze the impact of implemented strategies and improvise strategies if needed in real-time while also keeping an eye on your competitors. So start amping your Twitter Marketing with FollowerAudit. Do give it a try!  

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