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101 Free Twitter Tools You Must Try-2021

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Currently, Twitter has over 330 monthly million active out of which over 186 million check Twitter multiple times each day. Twitter has evolved from being a micro-blogging platform to a social media marketing pioneer.

While many users follow brands for engaging content, over 50% of users follow brands to stay updated on their latest offerings (products and services). This brings a great opportunity for brands, marketers, and small businesses to increase their social media influence and exposure.

In this post, I have listed 101 free Twitter tools to cover all your needs. Let’s dive in,

Twitter Tools to Track Followers and Unfollowers

free Twitter tools to track followers and unfollowers

  • CircleBoom: It is an amazing paid Twitter Analytics tool but it does offer a free plan that you can use to find new users with similar interests that you can follow. It can help you build quality connections that add value and help you grow your follower base.
  • CrowdFire: CrowdFire offers a free plan that new users and small businesses can use to keep an eye on their followers. You can also provide quality content suggestions based on your interests and help you find new users to follow.
  • TweepiTweepi is another amazing free Twitter tool that can help find new users based on interest, brand or company, location, or any other criteria. It can also help you identify inactive or overly active users that you are following.
  • Unfollow for Twitter APP: This is a totally free smartphone application that can help you identify users that you follow but don’t follow back. It can also find users that do the follow unfollow scam to increase their follower base.
  • iUnfollow: iUnfollow is another entirely free Twitter tool that can help you track your followers. You can identify users that follow you and post engaging content on Twitter so you can follow back. You can also identify users that don’t follow back as well as manage your follow requests.
  • Unfollower Stats: UnfollowerStats is a great free Twitter tool that can help new users or nano-influencers. You can easily monitor and identify users that you follow but don’t follow back. You can also protect yourself from follow-unfollow scams with Unfollower Stats.
  • UnfollowSpy: It can help you track the people you follow and notify you about unfollowers. It can also identify inactive or spam users that don’t add value to your Twitter profile.
  • UnTweeps: Untweeps is a Twitter tool that can help analyze and identify inactive users. It can provide you a list of users that haven’t posted any tweets in the past 30 days.
  • DoesFollow: DoesFollow is a simple tool that can help identify if a certain Twitter follows a particular Twitter account.
  • It provides a free plan can you can use to track the metrics of your Twitter profile. You can identify new followers and unfollowers, you also get access to performance metrics.
  • TwindrIt is a smartphone application that is specific to the IOS platform. It can help you clean your Twitter feed by identifying relevant users. You can easily identify users that you follow but don’t follow back.

Twitter Tools for Analytics

free Twitter tools for analytics

  • Native Twitter Analytics: This is one of the best analytics platforms that you can use to monitor your performance metrics. It has been tracking your account since the day it was created. Twitter has removed the audience insights from the platform, but it still provides a ton of insights that you can use to plan an effective Twitter strategy.
  • Klear: Klear is a widely known free Twitter tool when it comes to identifying influencers to promote your brand. Klear offers a free plan, obviously with limited access. But small businesses can use it to identify influencers in their city to promote their brand and to increase awareness.
  • Twitonomy: Twitonomy is a totally free Twitter tool that offers a lot of analytical insights. It offers a wide range of statistical insights from content performance to follower insights. It is one of the best free tools out there.
  • MentionMapp: MetionMapp is one of the most intuitive Twitter analytics tools. The visualization dashboard is really easy and fun to navigate through. It also offers a free plan that can help users track hashtags, popular conversations, and important KPIs.
  • is a free Twitter tool that provides a wide range of analytical insights. You can track popular topics, frequently hashtags, @mentions, tweet analysis, and more.
  • FollowerWonk: It is a paid Twitter analytics tool but offers a free plan for new users. It can help you gain valuable follower insights that can drive engagement.
  • SocialBearing: To be perfectly honest, I think it’s one of the best free Twitter analytics tools around. If you want to see everything about a Twitter account in under 10 seconds.
  • Twitter Ads: This is a free tool from Twitter that can help you track clicks on links. You can monitor how many users visit your website.
  • Daily140:Daily140 is a free Twitter analytics tool that can help track the likes and follows of any public Twitter account. You get a complete analytics report of the past 24 hours on your email.
  • Vaizle: It is an excellent tool that can help you compare your Twitter profile’s performance metrics with your competitors. It can help you measure the impact of implemented strategies and set realistic performance benchmark standards.
  • FollowerAudit: It is actually a paid Twitter auditing platform. Although, the free plan enables you to audit up to 5000 followers of any public Twitter account.

Twitter Tools for Twitter Chat

real-time chat monitoring

  • Twitterfall: Twitterfall is a really simple and easy-to-navigate Twitter chat tool. You can manage your chats with ease. The tool is really easy for new users to navigate through.
  • Twubs: It is an excellent free Twitter tool that can help you track conversations and participate in chats specific to a hashtag.
  • TweetDeck: TweetDeck is another widely used free Twitter tool that is offered by Twitter itself. The tool is really easy to use and you can monitor or engage in conversations very easily.
  • This is a really great tool to help you manage Twitter chats. You can easily organize conversations for any specific hashtag.
  • It is a great tool that can help you analyze the engagement statistics of the conversation. You can also identify other hashtags used along with the targeted hashtag.
  • TwChat: TwChat is a great tool that enables you to create chatrooms where user users can join and engage. You can easily monitor the flow of the conversation along with its participants.
  • TweetGrid: TweetGrid is also a widely used tool to manage Twitter chats. Effortlessly, organize, and monitor chats for any hashtag.
  • ChatSalad: This is also a popular tool that can help you find relevant chats. You can check when they are scheduled and which hashtag they use.

Twitter Tools for Content

for content creation

  • Nuzzel: Nuzzel is a great tool that can help you find popular and trending content among the users you follow.
  • SimilarWeb: SimilarWeb is a free Twitter tool that analyzes and recommends content topics, widely popular and enjoyed by your customers.
  • Twipho: You can use this tool to find popular content topics based on keywords or location.
  • The Latest: It provides a constantly updated list of popular links, extracted from tweets of interesting and popular users.
  • Twurly: Twurly emails you the lists of all links from your Twitter feed. No need to keep scrolling through your timeline to find engaging tweets.
  • Hash: Hash is a great tool that offers a visual look at the popular and trending stories on Twitter.
  • Pablo: You can compile interesting pages and links you can find and Pablo will automatically share them for you all day long.
  • TwitShot: Twitshot is capable of extracting all images from any webpage. Just give it a URL and let it do its thing.

Twitter Tools for Hashtags

hashtag analytics free Twitter tools

  • Twitter Advanced Search: This is one of the best features on Twitter that you can use to find popular and trending hashtags. Use the wide range of filters that you can use to find relevant results.
  • OneMillionTweetMap: Track and monitor the hashtags to know where they are tweeted in real-time. You can analyze the sentiments of users using the hashtag. You also get a geographical representation of where the hashtags are used the most in real-time.
  • All-hashtags: This free Twitter tool can help you find the most used hashtags related to a search term or industry.
  • TrendsMap: It offers a zoomable map that can help locate popular and trending hashtags for any region or location.
  • SocialSearcher: Track conversations related to any hashtag. Identify @mnetions and get useful statistics to analyze engagement related to the hashtag.
  • RiteTag: Similar to SocialSearcher, RiteTag also helps you analyze the reach and impressions of any hashtag.
  • Metricool: Metricool helps you analyze the engagement statistics for your content. You can also use it to analyze the reach and impressions of any targeted hashtag.
  • FollowTheHashtag: This is a paid Twitter analytics tool. Although, the free features provide plenty of insights to enhance your hashtag strategy.
  • SeekMetricsSeekMetrics offers popular and trending hashtags to increase the reach and impressions of your content. You can filter hashtags according to time and region.

Twitter Tools for Pictures

free picture software solutions

  • PicMonkey: It is a tool that can help you create eye-catching images to post on social media platforms.
  • Stencil: This is also a great tool to create images to post with your tweets.
  • Canva: Canva is one of the most versatile tools. You can create images for social media platforms, YouTube, blog banners, infographics, and much more. It is a paid tool, but you can do much with free features as well.
  • Visme: Create amazing images, blog banners, infographics, and more with this tool.
  • Adobe Spark: Adobe Spark is another amazing tool that you can use to design outstanding images and short videos to post on social media channels.
  • Design Wizard: Create amazing images, graphics, and videos to post on social media channels.
  • Easil: Create amazing visual content with Easil.
  • SnappaUse Snappa to create incredible images and other visual content
  • TwitHelper: Tweets with images are 150 percent more likely to be retweeted. TwitHelper allows you to create a Twitter card in seconds.


Twitter Tools for Mentions

mention tracking free Twitter tools

  • Warble: It is free once a day email alert service for Twitter. Track keywords, hashtags, phrases, and more.
  • MentionMapp: With MentionMapp you can track the performance of your tweets and identify the users that engage with your tweets along with @mnetions.
  • Twazzup: Track any keyword, hashtag, or @mention. Get access to a list of relevant content, accounts, and influencers.
  • TwitterCounter: Track and monitor keywords and @mentions and identify influential users that engage with your content.
  • TweetDeckMonitor all conversations related to a hashtag. Track @mentions in real-time.
  • Twitter Advanced Search: It is one of the most versatile free Twitter tools out there, if used properly, it can provide a ton of insights. Track @mentions with using a wide range of filters to get relevant results.
  • TweetStats: TweetStats is a comprehensive Twitter analytics tool that can help get access to a wide range of statistical insights. You can also track the @mentions for the same.

Twitter Tools for Followers Analysis

followers analysis software solutions

  • FollowerAudit: FollowerAudit is a feature-packed tool that offers a wide range of services. You can analyze your Twitter followers, track Twitter follower growth in real-time, identify fake followers, and more.
  • FollowerWonk: FollowerWonk is a widely used Twitter tool. New users and small businesses can use it to analyze their Twitter follower base.
  • Twitonomy: Twitonomy is probably one of the best free tools out there. It offers many valuable insights including insights about followers.
  • Foller.meThis is another completely free Twitter tool that can help can help you get various valuable insights including follower insights that can boost your social media presence.
  • Follower Analyzer AppTrack, analyze, and monitor the Twitter follower growth of your account. Track inactive users and unfollowers.
  • TwitterAudit: This is a free tool that helps you analyze the authenticity and credibility of any public Twitter account.
  • AudienseAnalyze your Twitter followers with ease. Get comprehensive analytical reports to boost your Twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter Tools to Track Best Time to Tweet

track best time to tweet

  • RiffleThis free tool provides real-time Twitter engagement insight and analytics. Just download its Google Chrome extension and get started.
  • Trends24This is the best tool to identify the most trending hashtags worldwide. It also shows how long the hashtags have been popular. You can use the hashtags accordingly to get into trending conversations and increase your social media presence.
  • MetricoolIt is a paid Twitter analytics tool, but the free features offer a range of services that you can use to get valuable insights. It can only help you identify the time frame when your followers are online and can provide the desired engagement.
  • TweetStatsThis is a comprehensive Twitter analytics tool that provides a lot of insights including the best time to tweet that can elevate your Twitter content strategy.

Twitter Tools for Tweet Scheduling

tweet scheduling free software solutions

  • TweetDeck: TweetDeck is a widely used tool to schedule tweets so you don’t miss posting content to keep the users engaged.
  • PostCron: PostCron can help you schedule posts for multiple social media platforms.
  • Tweet4me: This is another popular platform that can help you schedule tweets ahead of time.
  • Twittimer: This is a tool that can help you schedule posts for multiple social media platforms, mainly Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Twibble: This is an amazing tool that can help you schedule tweets for your Twitter profile as well as customize your feed to identify relevant posts.
  • Dlvrit: Schedule posts ahead of time across multiple social media channels
  • Kontentino: It offers a range of services to streamline your workflow including scheduling tweets ahead of time to keep your followers engaged.

Twitter Tools for Trending Topics

find trending topics

  • iTrended: It free Twitter tool that can help you analyze how trending and popular a hashtag or keyword is. You can also extract the Excel/CSV file to further analyze the keyword or topic.
  • TrendsMap: TrendsMap offers a visual representation of all the trending hashtags according to their geographical location.
  • Trends24:Find the most trending and popular hashtags worldwide.
  • Twitter Trends: This is a Twitter feature that you can use to identify the most popular trends and viral content.
  • Twitter Moments: Twitter moments are another feature that can help you find the most popular stories.

Twitter Tools for Twitter Clients

Twitter clients free Twitter tools

  • TweetDeck: This is the most popular Twitter client used by thousands if not millions of users worldwide.
  • YoruFukurou: This is a Twitter client designed specifically for Apple Mac OS X users.
  • HappyFriendsUse HappyFriends a Twitter client to manage your tweets and timeline
  • Twitterrefic: This is another amazing Twitter client, but is specific to only Mac OS and IOS
  • MacawMacaw is a Twitter client that is available for both Android and IOS.

Miscellaneous Twitter Tools

  • Listen to Twitter: Type a keyword and it will provide an audio track based on the sentiment behind the tweets with the keyword.
  • First TweetFind out who tweeted first about any keyword on Twitter?
  • Little Pork Chop: This tool helps you get over the 280 characters limit on your tweets. It can break down your content into multiple tweets and post them accordingly.
  • Social Hunt App: Monitor the Twitter activity of five users. Get email notifications every time anyone shares anything.
  • SocialOomph: Social media post scheduling tool to help marketing teams streamline their workflow.
  • Pocket: Use pocket to save the most engaging content.
  • Nuzzel: Nuzzel is a social media intelligence tool that can help you identify the latest trending news topics

These are all the tools that I have come across that are either free or offer a free plan for users. If I missed any important tools do let me know in the comments.

101 Free Twitter Tools to Cover All Your Needs
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101 Free Twitter Tools to Cover All Your Needs
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