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check fake follower on twitter

Promoting and engaging on Twitter nowadays is easier than one can think due to social media being accessible to everyone. The only task that a lot of brands don’t focus is on choosing the right influencers for their brand. So we will discuss here how can we check fake followers on Twitter to designate your influencers.

Fake influencers are individuals on social media platforms that falsely present themselves as having a significant following or influence. They may use fake followers, likes, and engagement to appear more popular or authoritative than they are. These fake influencers can artificially boost the perceived popularity of a brand or individual and can be difficult to identify.

check twitter fake followers

Why brands should avoid fake influencers?

Brands should avoid fake influencers for a few reasons such as lack of authenticity, inefficient advertising, and legal issues in some countries. Brands can be called out by consumers for using fake influencers which can lead to negative reputations.

By avoiding fake influencers, brands can ensure that their advertising campaigns are reaching a genuine audience.

Fake influencers case study

check fake twitter follower

Here we have some real-life examples where brands have chosen false influencers which ultimately lead to tampering with their reputation. A few examples are the 2017 scandal involving the fashion brand, Fyre Festival. The brand hired several high-profile social media influencers, such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, to promote the festival on Instagram. However, it was later revealed that many of the influencers had fake engagement and purchased followers to artificially inflate their influence. The festival itself was also a disaster, and the brand faced widespread criticism for its fraudulent advertising practices. This led to significant damage to the brand’s reputation and multiple lawsuits.

Another example is when a UK-based fashion brand, Boohoo, faced a backlash over allegations that the company had used fake influencers. The brand had paid the influencers to post pictures of themselves wearing Boohoo clothing, but it was later discovered that many of the influencers had bought followers and engagement, making it appear that they had more influence than they did. This led to negative publicity and damaged the brand’s reputation, which prompted them to take action.

To know more about influencers scam you can read more blogs and articles on it mentioned here.

How to check fake followers on Twitter of influencers?

So how can we identify fake influencers with fake engagement? We have a few options available to identify such influencers which is by analyzing influencers’ audience and their followers, analyzing engagement quality, and analyzing followers’ profiles and bios most of the fake followers would have either no bio or no profile picture. 


If an influencer has bought fake followers, there will be a sudden spike in their follower growth. Fake accounts usually have poorly created user profiles with unusual usernames, images of other users, and missing information. You can use these factors to analyze the quality of an influencer’s follower base.

Open the list of the influencer’s followers and locates usernames with numbers, these are usually fake followers. You can also use images to identify fake followers. Perform a Google image search using the profile picture of the followers. This will help you check if any other more detailed social media profile exists with the same profile image. Last, check if the followers have filled in the required contact details. Genuine users that frequently use any platform often fill in all the details for their user profile. But in most cases, these things are not enough to identify the fake influencer so it’s advisable to use a third-party tool.

Why there is a need for third-party tools?

There is a need for a third-party analytics tool because practically it is not possible to go through followers one by one and it is the most time-consuming process and influencers usually have followers in large amounts. A third party-tool can make your work effective and efficient with just a few clicks.

check fake twitter followers

Look for any sudden spikes, although, you cannot just access the analytics of any user without an analytics tool. 

One such best tool available in the market is FollowerAudit.

Why FollowerAudit?

follower audit

FollowerAudit offers several advanced features such as the FA score which is the percentage score of real followers a Twitter account has. Also, it shows inactive and fake followers’ percentages.

It also shows a detailed follower audit, follower quality graph, location-based followers, and verified followers graph to its user.

It’s also one of the most pocket-friendly tools in the market which offers 50% off if you avail of their yearly subscription plan. To check out their product you can visit the website here.

Wrapping up

We have discussed how we can check fake followers on Twitter to promote your brand and what could be the cons of choosing a fake influencer and what are the possible solution to tackle this issue.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs.


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