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In Q1 of 2022, Twitter reported 465.1 million in potential audiences that businesses can reach with Twitter ads. This makes it one of the best marketing tools to promote your business and grow. Many brands and businesses spend considerable time, effort, and resources to build a loyal fan base. Although, tracking your Twitter followers growth over time will become more and more difficult.

While the native Twitter analytics provides a ton of insights, there is not much when it comes to followers. Twitter only informs you about the followers you gain or lose. Although, this is not enough to understand how your Twitter follower growth changes every day. This makes it difficult to analyze which marketing tactics work, which tweets have the most impact, or why you are gaining or losing followers.

Getting insights about your Twitter followers growth is essential to effectively manage your follower base. In this piece, we’ll discuss how to track Twitter followers growth. Let’s dive in.

Why should you track Twitter followers growth over time?

Twitter followers growth can be used to gauge the effectiveness of tweets. If your Twitter following is dwindling, you need to improve your content and implement the right strategy. Learn from your mistakes. Then take advantage of it to build your brand’s social media following and authority. Track industry leaders and competitors to get insights about their social media moves and implement proven strategies to propel your brand to new heights.

FollowerAudit Twitter followers growth

Furthermore, no matter how many people follow you, your engagement may remain as low as it was before. Twitter has a lot of fake, inactive, and bot accounts. These accounts are only listed in your list of followers, but they do not appear to be doing anything at all. You can analyze how this affects your engagement metrics.

Tracking Twitter follower growth in real-time allows you to:

1. Analyze and improve the content you publish

A person may have unfollowed you or refrained from initially following you because of the content you post. Look back at the times when your follower growth slowed and study the tweets you published in that specific time period. It will help you enhance the quality of the content you post to keep your followers engaged away well as attract new users.

2. Analyze the quality of your followers

You may simply determine the quality of your Twitter following by studying your followers. For example, you can find out which of your Twitter followers are more likely to engage with your content and follow or engage with your profile. Most importantly, you’ll be able to spot fake and inactive accounts that increase your follower count but do not engage.

3. Identify topical content

Connect the growth and decline of your followers to the stuff you’ve posted. When you know what your audience likes, you can better tailor your content to their interests. Analyzing the tweets and media that get the most attention is another option that’s available to you. Engagements can include videos, blogs, news updates, tweets with URLs, and more. Plan and post content that keeps your audience keep coming for more.

4. Analyze the impact of marketing strategies

You can gauge the success of your marketing strategies and campaigns by keeping tabs on the number of new followers you gain or lose. If the follower growth rate is low the implemented strategies are ineffective in drawing the attention of users or in keeping them engaged. Although, if the performance indicators are high, the strategies are effective and you should implement similar strategies in the future to grow your follower base.

5. Identify and analyze influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective paid marketing strategies to build brand awareness and increase conversions. With the feature “track Twitter followers”, you can identify the followers that have a substantially large fan base. However, keep in mind that not every influencer that engages with your brand can help you do so. You must also keep an eye out for fake influencers that trick brands to get into hefty influencer marketing deals. They offer no return on investment in terms of engagement or brand awareness, or conversions as they do not have a real fan base but only fake followers.

Track Twitter followers growth rate of influencers, analyze their follower base, check how influential they are in your industry, and only then offer a deal to the influencer. Partnering with the right influencer can help you boost your visibility, improve public opinion, and increase conversions.

What is the Twitter follower growth rate?

Your Twitter accounts follower-to-following ratio is another important metric that you need to keep track of. It is an important factor in determining the impact of your marketing strategies. It also helps in determining the authenticity of your profile and is an important metric taken into consideration for the Twitter verification status.

Here’s how to calculate your Twitter follower growth rate:

Follower Growth Rate = (New Followers / Old followers) x 100

How to track Twitter followers growth over time?

While Twitter doesn’t allow you to track Twitter followers growth, there are several third-party tools that can track your as well as your competitors’ follower growth. Here are some of the best tools that you take use:


FollowerAudit Twitter Followers Tracker tool

FollowerAudit is a premium analytics tool that can help you track the Twitter followers growth of any public Twitter account in real-time. It can also identify fake, inactive, and bot followers from any Twitter account follower base. It also tracks the follower count of followers which makes it easier to identify influencers. You can further audit and analyze the influencers’ fan base to identify the right influencer to partner with.

Key features of FollowerAudit:

  • Track Twitter followers growth over-time
  • Perform a fake follower audit
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Compare Twitter followers
  • Track unfollows
  • Identify influencers

FollowerAudit also offers a free plan that you can use to test out its features. The basic premium plan starts at $29.99 per month.


FollowerWonk is another great Twitter analytics tool that can help you track Twitter followers growth over time of any public Twitter account. It also allows you to search bios, compare followers, analyze followers, and sort them. It also offers a free plan that you can use to test out its features before subscribing.

Key features of FollowerWonk:

  • Search Twitter bios
  • Compare Twitter followers
  • Track Twitter followers growth
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Sort Twitter followers

The basic premium plan starts at $29 per month.


track Twitter followers

By using SoicalRank, you may monitor the performance of your social media accounts. Your Twitter following can be tracked in real-time. Demographic data about your followers is also available, which you can use to create social media strategies that maximize your success and raise your online presence.

Key features of SocialRank:

  • Extract the list of people that have followed you on Twitter
  • Analyze the demographics of your fans
  • Analyze your followers’ behavior
  • Detect fake Twitter followers

Users can make use of a free version of the service to test the features. Premium subscriptions can be purchased for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

Closing Thoughts

Tracking Twitter followers growth is one of the first steps toward formulating a strategy to increase your follower count and increase your social media presence. You can leverage the third-party track Twitter followers growth tools to get valuable insights and metrics about your follower to understand them better and deploy personalized marketing strategies. It will help you grab the attention of your target audience and increase exposure and grow your brand. Start tracking Twitter follower growth today.

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