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Be it Twitter or any other social media platform, increasing the number of followers is the goal for every brand and marketer. While adding new followers is important, so is keeping the existing followers. To do so, most brands focus on posting engaging content. But have you ever asked the question, who unfollowed me?

This post explains how do you track Twitter unfollowers. Let’s get started.

What are Twitter Unfollowers?

Twitter follower tracker

You can use Twitter to follow people whose tweets you find interesting. You unfollow an account as soon as it starts tweeting about topics you don’t care about.

Whenever an account unfollows another, Twitter doesn’t let its users know. When a follower unfollows you, only those who track Twitter unfollowers every day with the help of Twitter unfollowers tracker tool will know.

Just click on the “Following” button on the profile of the account you want to unfollow and you’ll be done. The button’s text will be changed to “Unfollow” right away. It is possible to silence an account if you do not wish to unfollow it.

How to Track Twitter Unfollowers?

track Twitter unfollowers

If you have a couple of thousand followers, it is possible to track Twitter unfollowers, but what about major brands and influencers that have hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers. Manually checking the list of your followers daily can is just not efficient and you are bound to make errors.

For such an enormous follower base, it’s best to use a third-party Twitter follower tracker to automate tracking your followers in real-time. So, if you are looking for a Twitter follower tracker keep reading.


FollowerAudit is an amazing Twitter follower tracker that can help you track, monitor, and analyze the follower count of any public Twitter account. The follower tracker can help you track your Twitter follower growth as well as help you track Twitter unfollowers, and send you real-time alerts whenever someone will unfollow you.

It’s incredibly simple and intuitive to use. You just need to enter the @username of your Twitter account and it will do the rest for you. As soon as you set up a tracker, it will begin collecting data on it. You can easily get access to lists of Twitter unfollowers along.

How to identify your Twitter Unfollowers?

who unfollowed you

Once you have set up the Twitter follower tracker using FollowerAudit, it will start to track Twitter unfollowersYou can get individual lists of new followers and users that have unfollowed you.

Through the list, you can also directly go to the Twitter unfollowers profiles and unfollow the if you were following them. If you want to check if any specific user has unfollowed you, simply go to the unfollowers page and search the username of the targeted account. If the username shows up in the list, you can go to their Twitter profile and unfollow them. It can also help you avoid the follow-unfollow scam.

Furthermore, you can also download the list of unfollowers in an Excel/CSV file and share it with your social media team with ease.

What About Inactive Twitter Accounts?

One of the things we “do not like” the most on Twitter is inactive followers. They do nothing but lurk in the shadows, and if you’re lucky, they’ll get a glimpse of your tweet. They are folks that had their Twitter accounts back in the day but either forgot about them or didn’t grasp what they were doing on the social media site.

Inactive Twitter followers are a significant part of our analytics, and they can often destroy our engagement numbers by giving the impression that we’re more popular than we actually are, even when they do nothing more than “follow” us. Do not become a passive fan.

We appreciate actual Twitter followers because they are people just like you and me who take an active role in the community by following, commenting, and liking other posts. Twitter followers can be counted even if they’ve been inactive for a long time.

Closing Thoughts

While increasing the follower count is the focus of brands, they should also ensure that they do not necessarily follow accounts that don’t follow back. Furthermore, they should also avoid users that engage in the follow-unfollow scam to increase their follower count. Start to track Twitter unfollowers and followers growth today with FollowerAudit.

How Do You Track Twitter Unfollowers?
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How Do You Track Twitter Unfollowers?
How Do You Track Twitter Unfollowers?
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