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Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and renamed it X. There have been some key changes including blue tick, post moderation, etc. But the thing that remains unchanged for you as a content creator is the way algorithms work. A common question that keeps popping up in every creator’s mind is – how can I make Twitter algorithms favor me – with quantity or quality?

Having followers disinterested in your Twitter account is quite similar to having fake accounts or bots – pointless. Instead, your focus should be on how your community responds and interacts with your content. Shift your focus from follower count to engagement. That’s because meaningful interactions promote real growth. Witnessing a surge in your Twitter followers is undoubtedly thrilling. But the sheer number doesn’t always translate to the planned benefits. Focusing solely on follower count can be limiting and might hinder your Twitter progress. What truly matters is the quality of your social followers. Would you prefer 100,000 followers worldwide who seldom engage, or 1,000 local followers count on Twitter genuinely interested in what you offer?

Here’s how to build an engaged Twitter community.

1. Know your target audience

Understand your ideal customers to produce content that resonates. Avoid the trap of pursuing a broad audience with endless posts. Your focus should be to create targeted content for those who really matter what you offer – a service or a product. Unlike other social media platforms, the Twitter crowd is mature and likes genuine and more meaningful content. Do more research to know your audience in and out and come up with high-quality content to build followers.

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2. Post with purpose

Every tweet should have a purpose. Avoid mindless posting and ensure your content authentically reflects your brand. Authenticity is known to build trust. It is the main factor that helps you in converting followers into loyal customers. With purposeful content, you will see a surge in the number of followers and also that they truly engage with your content.

3. Provide valuable information

Share industry tips without revealing trade secrets. Useful content attracts followers who engage, share, and inquire about your products or services. They will like, retweet, and comment on your posts. This is exactly what will boost your follower count. Content that does not add value is simply skipped while scrolling. So it really does not matter if your tweet is a long thread or a single post, the idea should be to provide value to your existing followers and others who come across your tweet.

4. Post real-time content often

To win on Twitter, you need to know the quantity and quality of followers’ ideas clearly. Twitter is dynamic and a huge percentage of content is current and posted in real time. Current events, news, latest trends, etc pick up fast and the audience loves it. So while you post regular content, mix it up with trends. This will help you in getting more followers in a quick time.

5. Authenticity matters

Twitter aims to connect real people and promote communities. Maintaining a genuine image on Twitter is the key to having meaningful connections. Avoid projecting an overly formal business image. Rather let your personality shine through your content. By being authentic, you provide followers with a relatable view of your brand.


It does not matter if it’s called X or Twitter. The baseline for getting popular and gaining followers on the platform is that quality engagement trumps sheer quantity. You should focus entirely on posting content that stands out and it will automatically add followers. One thing leading to another is a common phenomenon on social media and Twitter is no different. Doing this and following other basics like using the right hashtags, staying precise since it is a microblogging platform, and researching current trends will ensure a high success rate for you.

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