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In 2016, Twitter took a drastic step and removed a ton of inactive Twitter accounts. The goal was to remove the users that do not interact and make the platform more engaging.

According to the rules of Twitter, if an account has been inactive for an extended period of time, it can be removed from the service. Some of the finest methods for finding and unfollowing inactive Twitter accounts are outlined in this article.

Twitter accounts that are active appear to be tweeting, retweeting, and engaging with other Twitter accounts on a frequent basis. A Twitter account that hasn’t tweeted in months also appears to be offline.

Following active Twitter accounts that add value to your Twitter feed is an important part of becoming an active Twitter user. People start paying attention to the accounts you follow on Twitter as your online reputation grows. So that you can unfollow your inactive friends on a regular basis.

Why Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

Inactive members of your Twitter community are a drain on your resources. In the same way, following inactive users is a waste of your valuable ‘follow’. There are a number of ways to find dormant Twitter users.

So, unless you’re ready to examine every single account you follow and that follows you on Twitter, this is not possible. No one can tell if the user has stopped Tweeting altogether or if they are still logging in.

How to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts

As mentioned above, manually analyzing your follower base is too time-consuming and even then you cannot be sure that you have found them all. Hence, it’s best to take advantage of third-party Twitter follower trackers to track inactive Twitter accounts. Here are some of the best Twitter follower trackers that you can use.


Twitter follower tracker

FollowerAudit is a subscription-based, fully automated way to keep tabs on your Twitter following. Any public Twitter account can be audited to identify fake or inactive followers using this Twitter follower tracker tool. It may also monitor the increase of any followers on Twitter. You can use this method to determine if an influencer’s Twitter following is genuine.

You may identify influencers who have a genuine following and choose the perfect brand advocate to represent and promote your business. Twitter follower growth metrics can also be used to track and measure the success of your Twitter marketing activities.

Finally, you can keep track of those who have stopped following your Twitter account. You can create lists of these people and examine their Twitter profiles to determine which followers to keep.


remove inactive Twitter accounts with Circleboom

Circleboom includes Twitter-specific capabilities for keeping track of your profile on the microblogging site. If you’re looking for phony accounts, spam accounts, or overactive accounts, this app can help.

Additionally, Circleboom is a well-known tool for locating and unfollowing Twitter users who have fallen out of favor.


Audience Twitter follower tracker

Audience is another great Twitter follower tracker that can help you analyze your follower base. You can easily gain insights about your target audience and use them to plan effective marketing strategies. Furthermore, it also a great tool for identifying inactive Twitter followers of any public Twitter account.


remove inactive Twitter accounts with untweeps

Untweeps is a simple and free tool for unfollowing a Twitter account that is no longer active. Untweeps makes it simple to delete inactive Twitter followers in order to improve the circulation of your content. makes it easy to unfollow a large number of individuals on Twitter by allowing you to sign in with your Twitter account.

Next, you’ll be prompted to input the number of days in which the people you follow on Twitter did not tweet or engage in any other activity. The default is 30 days, but you can extend it if you choose.

Wrapping Up

Find inactive Twitter followers, unfollow them, and watch your organic Twitter reach soar and your audience’s level of involvement soar. Only this will keep Twitter’s content distribution algorithm pleased and help you gain real followers.

How to Remove Inactive Twitter Accounts?
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How to Remove Inactive Twitter Accounts?
How to Remove Inactive Twitter Accounts?
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