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With whooping 206 million daily active users, Twitter is one of the worlds top 3 social media networks. But every success comes with its failure and in the case of Twitter it is the inactive Twitter followers that slows the Twitter algorithm and reach. These inactive Twitter followers are like dead useless weights sticking to your account, but the question is ‘Should you remove inactive Twitter followers?’. Let’s see. 

Why should you remove inactive Twitter followers?

The growth of Twitter relies on the ratio of your following VS your followers and following these inactive Twitter followers accounts would eventually hinder your audience engagement. These inactive members are void between your content and audience. Moreover, getting followers by  a lot of these inactive Twitter followers accounts would lower your accounts authority and impact metrics.   

How to find and unfollow inactive Twitter followers.

Maintaining a clean Twitter account automatically boosts your engagement metrics as your content is delivered to your targeted audience  without any hiccups in the middle. 

Here are some ways how you can unfollow inactive Twitter followers.

Manually unfollow inactive Twitter followers.

  • Browse your timeline to check suspicious accounts and check its last tweet date, if it’s been a year or more since the account has tweeted remove them from your followers list. 
  • Click on the account name.
  • click on the three dots on the upper right hand side.
  • Then click on the unfollow option. 

Remove Inactive Twitter followers with FollowerAudit

It takes too long to carefully analyze your follower base, and even then, you cannot be certain that you have located every single one. In order to track inactive Twitter followers, it is best to use third-party follower tracking tools like FollowerAudit. 

FollowerAudit is a subscription-based, fully automated solution to monitor your Twitter followers and following. This Twitter followers tracker application may be used to audit any public Twitter account or hashtag to find fake or inactive Twitter followers. It also keeps tabs on Twitter’s growth in followers. This approach can be used to assess the authenticity of an influencer’s Twitter following. Metrics for Twitter follower growth can also be used to monitor and assess the efficacy of your Twitter marketing strategies.

Steps-wise guide to identify and remove inactive Twitter followers using FollowerAudit.

Through FollowerAudit you can audit your or any other public account to find fake or inactive followers.

Here’s how to run your Twitter audit,

  • Enter your Twitter username, hashtag or @mention in the search box and click the search button.

An audit report will be published informing the percentage of fake and inactive followers.If you also want to get a list of all the fake and inactive followers list then you have to upgrade your account to subscription plan.

After upgrading to a subscription plan.

1. Add your profile to “Profile Tracking” from the dashboard.

2. Your followers will start getting tracked and a list of all inactive and fake followers will be generated.

Other key features of FollowerAudit are:

  • Audit of your or any other public Twitter account to identify the percentage of fake followers and inactive followers
  • Track Followers Growth
  • Track Unfollowers
  • Analyze followers and get detailed insights
  • Compare fake followers audit report of multiple Twitter accounts

Closing thoughts!!

It is very important to discover your inactive Twitter followers and unfollow them for your better audience’s level of engagement as well as your organic Twitter reach. Only doing this will satisfy Twitter’s algorithm for distributing information and assist you in gaining genuine followers. So get rid of these inactive Twitter followers with FollowerAudit. Do give it a try!


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