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Twitter Audit

Innovation and generation have an important role to play in this crypto world. With every new generation, people are evolving towards more growth and to easy ways of accessing money. The new generation finding new ideas to change money into different forms, they started making digital currency (cryptocurrency). It works all through the computer by using encryption algorithms, to have success in any field you have to be aware about crypto and for that you need crypto influencers. Follower audit will help you find out real crypto influencers and find out who has the most fake followers by Twitter Audit.

Why are we looking for Crypto influencers?

Like every student needs a teacher, every user need a mentor to follow and there are lots of crypto influences who have immense knowledge about crypto and by posting all the updates with reliable videos and photos, they help more users who are interested in investing on crypto.

How will you find if an influencer  is real or fake?

The best and foremost way to find real or fake influencers is to run fake followers audit of that influencer using the AI-Based Twitter followers tracker tool Follower Audit.

Follower audit shows the percentage of fake and inactive followers, and also the joining date in graphical presentation.

In this article, we have listed down Top 10 crypto influencers and their Twitter audit report, the report are taken from Follower Audit which is a fake Twitter followers checker tool that can identify fake and real followers from any public Twitter account with accurate results.

Top 10 crypto influencers Twitter Audit report

1. 100trillionUSD

  • Twitter account profile- twitter/@100trillionUSD 
  • FA Score : 85.9%
  • Fake followers-13.17%
  • Inactive followers-  1.85%
  • Twitter bios- Creator of the Stock-to-Flow model. On YouTube: Not financial advice. For information purposes only.
  • Download complete audit report: Download here
  • Follower Audit analysis of 100trillionUSD

2. BTC_Archive

  • Twitter account profile- twitter/@BTC_Archive
  • FA Score:90.72%
  • Fake followers-8.43%
  • Inactive followers-1.71%
  • Twitter bios- #Bitcoin News, insight & commentary, FREE Newsletter:
  • Follower Audit analysis of BTC_Archive

3. Glatsien

  • Twitter account profile- Twitter/@glatsien
  • FA Score:86.86%
  • Fake followers-11.27%
  • Inactive followers-3.74%
  • Twitter bios-chief strategy officer @HRF, Oppoinins mine, Essays at @Bitcoin magazine .Author, check you financial Privilege-
  • Download complete audit report: Download here
  • Follower Audit analysis of glatsien

4. Netburllen

Twitter Audit
  • Twitter account profile: Twitter/@netburllen
  • FA Score: 90.21%
  • Fake followers-8.88%
  • Inactive followers-1.83%
  • Twitter bios- Host of coin stories podcasts and @Hardmoneyshow, #Bitcoin + Macro, Media commentator, investor, educator, writer, Emmy awarded journalist, first gen.
  • Download complete audit report- Download here
  • Follower Audit analysis of netburllen

5. Messaricrypto

Twitter Audit
  • Twitter account profile- Twitter/@messaricrypto
  • FA Score:90.31%
  • Fake followers-8.8%
  • Inactive followers-1.79%
  • Twitter bios-messari is the leading provider of crypto market intelligence products that help professionals navigate crypto with confidence.
  • Download complete audit report-Download here
  • Follower audit analysis of messaricrypto

6. Martybent

Twitter Audit
  • Twitter account profile– Twitter/@martybent
  • FA Score:85.06%
  • Fake followers-11.92
  • Inactive followers-6.04%
  • Twitter bois-Founder of, a media company focused on #Bitcoin, Beauty, and Freedom in the Digital Age (@TFTC21). Partner @ten31vc. Director @CathedraBitcoin.
  • Download complete audit report- Download here
  • Follower audit analysis of martybent

7. Lopp

Twitter Audit
  • Twitter account profile- Twitter/@lopp
  • FA Score:88.32%
  • Fake followers-10.1%
  • Inactive followers-3.16%
  • Twitter bios-Insights on security, privacy, technology, & money · Co-founder & CTO @CasaHODL · creator of,,
  • Download complete audit report: Download here
  • Follower audit analysis of lopp

8. Nic__carter

  • Twitter account profile-Twitter/@nic__carter
  • FA Score:87.32
  • Fake followers-11.24%
  • Inactive followers-2.87%
  • Twitter bios- technology brother
  • Download complete audit report: Download here
  • Follower audit analysis of nic__carter
Twitter Audit

9. Aantonop

  • Twitter account profile- Twitter/@aantonop
  • FA Score:86.62%
  • Fake followers- 12.32%
  • Inactive followers-2.12%
  • Twitter bio#Bitcoin & Open Blockchains, since 2012.
  • Download complete audit report: Download here
  • Follower audit analysis of aantonop
Twitter Audit

10. DocumentingBTC

Twitter Audit
  • Follower audit analysis of DocumentationBTC

Closing thought

In todays world everybody wants fame, and for this fame, one can defame other and pretend that they are popular, you have to be smart enough to differentiate between fake influencer and real one, for that you need Twitter audit tool that can provide you data on how many fake and real followers does a user have with accuracy .One of the best and most used Twitter Audit tool in 2023 is FollowerAudit. Do try it!

Crypto influencersFollowersFA (Score)Fake followersInactive followersDownload PDF report
Nic__carter347.3K87.3211.24%2.87%Download here
Netburllen287K90.21%8.88%1.83%Download here
Messaricrypto298.1K90.31%8.8%1.79%Download here
Martybent168.7K85.06%11.92%6.04%Download here
Download here
Glatsien208.5K86.86%11.27%3.74%Download here
DocumentingBTC860.2K 89.28%10%1.45%Download here
BTC_Archive1.2M90.72%8.43%1.71%Download here
Aantonop755.8K86.62%12.32%2.12%Download here
100trillionUSD1.9M 85.9%13.17%1.85%Download here


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