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how to track Twitter followers and analyse them

Increasing the number of Twitter followers is now one of the most popular social media goals. Because all Twitter accounts compete for the same attention, it’s a race to see who can amass the most followers. However, the mistake that people commonly make is treating Twitter followers as the be-all and end-all. They’re too busy attracting new followers to engage the ones they already have. You must analyze and track Twitter followers to be an expert on the platform. This will help you get to know the people you work with much better.

If you want to track Twitter followers and know more about your follower base, you must look at these insights:

  1. Consider your brand’s interests to be the interests of your followers. 
  2. What your Twitter followers are talking about?
  3. The effectiveness of your brand’s content 
  4. Your followers’ level of engagement. 
  5. Followers who are important vs. fake followers 
  6. Which influencers engage with your content and campaigns?
  7. Who are the most active users in your follower base?

Now, before we discuss the process of how to analyze and track Twitter followers, let’s look at some important Twitter metrics. 

Important Twitter Metrics

track Twitter followers, important metrics

  • Likes: Until 2015, Likes were referred to as “favorites.” There is social pressure to increase the number of likes on one’s tweets. Because tweets with the most likes appear higher in Twitter search results, the number of likes on each tweet has an impact on Twitter rankings. 
  • Mentions: People who want to include you will add you to discussions they start. A large number of mentions indicates that you have a strong online presence. 
  • Retweets: If someone retweets your tweet, your profile will become visible to that person’s followers. Another interesting fact is that tweets with a high number of retweets have a significant advantage when it comes to search rankings on Twitter. 
  • Followers: Don’t worry about those who aren’t genuinely interested in following you.

How to Track Twitter Followers and Analyze Them?

how to analyse Twitter followers

Where are your followers located and what industry are they related to?

Although Twitter analytics is useful, it is currently somewhat limited. The audience insights section of Twitter Analytics has been removed. Instead, you can use a third-party Twitter Analytics tool like FollowerAudit. FollowerAudit’s track Twitter followers feature examines the locations and profiles of your Twitter followers to discover specific characteristics such as age, gender, and interests, as well as audience information. 

Knowing if your followers are similar to your company’s target customer base can be beneficial. Consider this: if the majority of your followers’ profiles are about travel and food, but your brand is about fashion. Misalignments do not yield a good return on investment. With FollowerAudit, you can extract Twitter followers, followers, and even tweets from any public Twitter account. 

You can also use your follower profile to create more targeted marketing campaigns for those who follow you.

What do your followers tweet about?

Investigate what content your followers are sharing on Twitter to gain a better understanding of their social media profiles. You will be able to understand your followers’ interests in terms of topics. Giving your audience what they want is the simplest way to boost engagement and increase followers. Previously, you could use Twitter’s analytics audience tab to find out what topics your viewers are interested in, but that feature is no longer available. 

There are now two methods for creating an analysis. You have to go through each person’s timeline to see what interests them, which is time-consuming. You can analyze and track Twitter followers using a service like FollowerAudit, which will allow you to do the following: 

  • Determine how many times your brand’s Twitter handle has been mentioned on Twitter. 
  • Analyze and dissect your branded hashtags and keywords. 
  • Examine the profiles of the top social media followers of any public account. 

It will help you discover what your Twitter followers and the general public post. You can learn about the most frequently used hashtags, keywords, and handles in their tweets. 

Attempting to increase your Twitter exposure by using the same keywords, hashtags, and themes will allow you to reach people who are searching Twitter for those keywords/hashtags/topics.

Track Twitter followers to measure the impact of marketing strategies?

It is now possible to track the growth of your Twitter following. You can see how many followers you have compared to the previous period using Twitter analytics. Examine your Twitter activity in the timelines where you notice a decrease in follower growth to see if there is a pattern that can be addressed. 

  • How frequently did you post, and what topics did you cover in your tweets? 
  • Do you engage with the users that engage with you the most?

Answer these types of questions to better understand the reasons for your error and to avoid repeating it in the future. 

The more high-quality content you upload, the more followers you may gain. You can learn more about the content elements that Twitter Analytics cannot provide if you use other third-party analytics solutions. You’ll most likely be able to use them to identify potential growth issues in your followers.

Identify content topics that grab the most attention?

If you know what your fans are talking about, you can quickly generate content ideas. Analyzing your previous Tweets will reveal exactly what kinds of content your followers prefer. 

In this case, our goal is to determine the types of Tweets and conversations in which you are participating that are generating the most engagement. You can do this by looking through your Sent Tweets history. With an analytics icon, you will be given information about each tweet. 

Twitter statistics provide information on the number of clicks, impressions, and total interaction with your Tweets. Examining the ‘tweets’ page in Twitter analytics is another good way to find relevant tweets. 

Using Twitter statistics, you cannot examine the accounts of other Twitter users to determine which content generates the most engagement for them. You can use FolloweAudit to look at your competitors’ most popular tweets and see how much engagement each one has received.

Identify the best time to tweet

Twitter is one of the noisiest social media platforms today. There is an abundance of content and very little time to seek attention. The best way to overcome this is by analyzing the tweeting habits of your follower base. 

If you identify when your followers are most active on the platform, you can use the time frame to increase the engagement on your tweets. To do so, analyze the performance of your tweets using a Twitter Analytics tool. FollowerAudit will track Twitter followers and analyze the performance of your past tweets and identify the time frame when your followers are most active. 

You can also check out the tweet engagement of your competitors to get the attention of your target audience and increase your follower base. 

Who are the most engaging followers?

Influencers aren’t the only followers who can make a difference. If your Twitter followers frequently mention and engage with you, ignoring them is not a good idea. While you can increase followers with great content, building a loyal follower base requires you to engage with them.

Here are some ideas for identifying users who talk about your brand. 

  • Examine Twitter analytics to discover the most popular Twitter mentions of your brand handle. 
  • Check your Twitter notifications to see if you’ve been retweeted, liked, or mentioned. 
  • Look for people who are sharing your content on social media. 
  • Identify key influencers and users who use your branded hashtags on Twitter using handles and hashtags. 
  • Anyone who retweets or shares your content should be noted. 
  • If you’re tweeting about them, make sure to mention them! 
  • Use Twitter’s retweet and “like” buttons. 
  • Mention them in your blog posts and tweet about them.

Which influencers follow and engage with your brand?

Partnering with the most influential users from your follower base is one of the best ways to increase the value of your brand. Twitter, on the other hand, will not notify you if you have gained new followers as a result of an influencer. You, like any other user, will be notified of their activity on a regular basis. There is only one method for locating VIP followers, and it is entirely up to you to search through your Twitter follower data for them. 

People with a small but loyal Twitter following may not be as well-known, but that doesn’t make them any less important in your company. You can also use FollowerAudit to analyze and identify influencers from your follower base or of any public Twitter account. 

Do you have fake or inactive accounts?

The past decade has witnessed a substantial rise in the number of automated fake accounts. These accounts inflate the flower count of users that pay for it. But it’s often the case that these fake accounts follow multiple uses to seem genuine. This eventually lowers the engagement rate of the users these fake accounts follow. To avoid this, you must frequently analyze your follower base and look for inactive users that don’t engage with your brand. 

You can also use a FollowerAudit to automate the detection of fake accounts. It can easily identify and provide a list of fake followers from any public Twitter account. 

Which followers help create conversations about your brand?

Influencers are more than just Twitter users with a social media presence. They have the power to influence other people’s purchasing decisions. 

Why you might ask? 

Because they have a strong rapport with their audience and are widely regarded as industry experts. 

Consider an influencer who also happens to be a loyal customer. You will undoubtedly make a fortune if such an influencer promotes your product (or service). 

FollowerAudit can help you track Twitter followers to identify Twitter influencers who generate Twitter engagement in the form of impressions or retweets.

Best Tools to Track Twitter Followers

best tools to track Twitter followers


FollowerAudit-Twitter follower tracker tool

The sophisticated Twitter follower tracking tool, FollowerAudit, is a great way to keep tabs on your Twitter following. With this useful tool, you have the ability to see if you have fake followers, track unfollowers, and compare multiple Twitter profiles. This application makes it much easier to track and analyze users who follow you. You can also track Twitter follower growth in real-time and change your social strategy if needed. 


FollowerAnalysis uses artificial intelligence to analyze public Twitter profiles. The FollowersAnalysis data show how many times a tweet is mentioned, how many followers a Twitter account has, and how many people are following it. These metrics will give your insights such as, how long ago your followers tweeted for the first time, how many tweets they’ve posted, and how old their account is.


Followerwonk is a Twitter follower analysis and automation tool. Users can use the following search functions to get to their website: Search Bios, Compare Users, Analyze, Track Followers, and Sort Followers. In a nutshell, it is very simple to maximize your research so that you can explore the inner workings for free. While there are limitations, such as the requirement that people’s followings be modest, there are also benefits, such as the fact that you can only compare people with smaller followings.

Closing Thoughts 

Any brand or business should check in on Twitter on a regular basis and track Twitter followers growth. It is advantageous to conduct actionable research on the activities of the target audience. Based on the findings of this study, businesses may be able to better target social media campaigns and achieve a higher return on investment. It is critical to choose a tool that has the most functions while also meeting all of your needs.

Track Twitter Followers to Analyze and Improve your Twitter Strategy
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Track Twitter Followers to Analyze and Improve your Twitter Strategy
Track Twitter Followers to Analyze and Improve your Twitter Strategy
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