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Twitter Bots Account you must follow

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Twitter bots’, probably you would be wondering about a spam account sliding in your DM’s or an alien account publishing fake news and conspiracy theories. But that’s not always true, Twitter also has ‘Good Twitter bots’ that help people to find useful, entertaining and relevant information.

In this blog, we are going to learn about some interesting and good Twitter bots, how Twitter bots are useful and Automation tools to keep your Twitter account bots free. 

What are Twitter bots?

Twitter bots are software that uses Twitter API to interact and engage with Twitter users, these Twitter bots can be programmed or automated to perform a task or series of tasks. For example these bots can tweet, retweet, follow, unfollow, DM any twitter account, set reminders and can do much more.  

Customer support chatbot is a prime example of Twitter bot. 

Best Twitter Bots you should follow.

Here are some most useful and amazing Twitter bots that you should follow in 2022.


@wayback_exe  Twitter bot provides screenshot or vintage website and browser from the Wayback machine Digital archive and posts them every 2hours with year and brand name on the screenshot.


A software developer, system architect and operation engineer Russ Garrett developed a project @dscovr_epic twitter bot that tweets real time images of earth taken by EPIC camera on NASA’s DSCOVR satellite. The bot tweets within 36 hours of being published with the picture along with their time and location.


Charles Bergquist is the Director of Science Friday, a public radio science distributed by WNYCStudios. His twitter bot @IFindPlanets is a fantasy come true. These bot tweet about new planets, worlds and universes with images of what they must look like. While they are possibly very untrue but imagination is worth a thought.


Computer programmer and game designer Allison Parrish’s Twitter bot @deepquestionbot encourages deep dive questions. Not all the questions are philosophical, some are silly and definite for entertainment. These Twitter bots are trained on information contained on ConceptNet.

@RUOligarchJets and @ElonJet

Jack Sweeney, a 19-year-old college student, gained attention for his automated plane tracking systems, @RUOligarchJets and @ElonJet. For jets flying in the US and the EU, the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system is necessary. Anyone with the right listening equipment may frequently access the GPS and onboard sensor broadcasts from these devices. Throughout the Russia-Ukraine War, the bot followed the movements of 46 jets used by more than 20 Russian oligarchs, including those carrying Usmanov and other officials. Musk’s private jet tracking bot, @ElonJet, has gained popularity (N628TS). Jack caught Elon Musk’s attention because of this.


Metaculus is dedicated to generating accurate predictions about the future real world events. The Twitter bot also predicted the Russia-ukraine war. The bot was created by Nikos Bosse, PhD student in Epidemiology and an employee at Metaculus.


@RemindMe_OfThis is a savior for every forgetful person. This Twitter bot reminds you of anything you ask it for. All you need is to reply on this bot and mention the time and the thing you wanted to be reminded of.


We all have that vintage black and white picture which we wished was colored. @Colorize_Bot transforms any black-and-white image colorful using AI. The bot responds within ten minutes after being mentioned in a tweet.


@emojimashupbot is an emoji dream come true. The bot was created by  Louan Ben. It creates a mixture of two emojis to make one double emotion emoji. This bot also has a sibling account, @emojimashupplus, which creates new emojis out of three random emoji parts.


Uber has completely changed how we schedule rides for getting from one point to another. Send a tweet to WhatTheFare to receive an estimate of the Uber cost between both the specified pick-up and drop-off locations if you need to know the price among two spots right away. Every Uber city is supported.


Our smartphones come with some really nice virtual helpers, including Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant Now. But what if you want some of that assistance on Twitter? No issue; DearAssistant is here to assist. Ask almost every question, and it will immediately tweet a fairly in-depth answer. You can inquire about things like the separation of two locations, the meaning of particular phrases, and other topics.


Probably the most comprehensive collection of eBooks is available on Amazon. However, whether you’re seeking for some excellent eBooks, you should usually expect to pay for them. Not really, at least not in the opinion of HundredZeros, a Twitter bot that frequently tweets links to Amazon’s free eBooks. This is a good illustration of a Twitter Bot that benefits its users. This is going to be one of the best Twitter Bots to follow if you’re a voracious reader of books.


The case for magic’s acceptance and real-world significance is made by magic realism. And if you think it to be pretty amusing, you will like reading the tweets posted by the MagicRealismBot, which takes ordinary practises or tasks and exaggerates them using magic. Though it may not look that way, it’s actually quite humorous.


Anyone who enjoys museums? They are intriguing locations that portray the remarkable artifacts from our past and cover everything from history to art. This is why it’s a good idea to follow the MuseumBot on Twitter. Four times per day, it tweets a random, high-resolution photograph from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


We need headlines to stay informed on the most recent events taking place in the world. But what happens if you randomly combine two headlines that have nothing to do with one another? Follow TwoHeadlines, which combines headlines about two unrelated topics and tweets the outcome, to find out. You’ll struggle to contain your laughter as you watch this.

The Negative side of Twitter Bots

Even though Twitter bots can be quite useful in a variety of ways, there have been instances where Twitter bots have been utilized unethically. 

Let’s talk about some methods on how you can identify harmful Twitter bot and prevent scams.

  • Twitter bots as trolls.

Trolls are those who use Twitter bots to spread misinformation, harass people, sway elections, advance personal agendas, and other undesirable activities.

Such trolls have the potential to brainwash people, manipulate public opinion, and cause grave life-threatening crises.

  • Twitter bots as fake followers

Fake followers” are Twitter bots that are used to increase someone’s following by following them in exchange for money.

Although this behavior violates Twitter’s policies and is considered spam, some people, businesses, or even well-known public personalities pay to increase their follower counts and project a false sense of influence. However, in reality, they are just being followed by a large number of inactive, automated accounts, who have no actual human interactions from them.

  • Twitter bots as Spam

The majority of automated accounts created on Twitter, as “Spam bots,” are used to propagate false information, take part in shady activities, spam other users with their offers and links, etc.

How to spot Twitter bots?

There are 2 ways to identify Twitter bots i.e. to do it manually or with the help of an automation tool.

  1. Identifying Twitter bots manually,
  • Twitter Bots Posts a lot

When you believe a Twitter account is a bot, the first thing you should do is visit their profile and look at their tweet activity. Twitter Bots post frequently. A typical Twitter individual can post up to 10-15 times per day, whereas a Twitter bot can post up to 2000 times per day.

  • Twitter Bots have Doubtful Profiles

 Review the username, bio, profile picture, and other information for the suspected Twitter account. A bot typically has an odd username and a profile that isn’t full.

  • Twitter bots spreads Spam

The primary function of the Twitter bots is to boost and retweet other bots’ posts. These accounts never make their own unique posts, and their profiles are stuffed with retweets of other people’s links or posts.

  1. Twitter Automation Tool- FollowerAudit

It can be difficult or impossible to manually identify Twitter bots among thousands, lakhs, or millions of Twitter followers.

At that point, FollowerAudit is used in!

FollowerAudit uses artificial intelligence to find fake followers and Twitter bots on any public Twitter account.

It also generates a list of fake followers/Twitter bots 

Click Here- to get a look at sample free fake followers audit report.

Some other key features of FollowerAudit.

  • Monitor the number of Twitter followers
  • Receive immediate notifications when a follower is added or removed.
  • Lists of fake followers, bots, and inactive accounts
  • Recognize spam accounts, Twitter bots, and trolls

Closing Thought!!

Twitter bots can be an excellent resource for sharing information, engaging with users on your behalf, or even helping with customer service. However, Twitter bots that pose as real people contribute no value other than to increase your following count. Utilize FollowerAudit to cleanse these bot accounts from your Twitter follower list to obtain accurate statistics that may be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Do give it a try!!


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