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When you first start promoting your brand or yourself as an influencer on Twitter, it is easy to keep track of your followers with the help of a Twitter follower Tracker tool. You can identify new followers and track accounts that have unfollowed you.

It’s significantly easy to track Twitter followers and identify unfollowers, trolls, or inactive followers that do not add value to your Twitter profile. But as you steadily grow your followers to increase your social media presence, tracking followers and auditing them become more difficult and time-consuming.

This is where you start to look for automated best Twitter follower tracker tools that can analyze your Twitter followers and provide real-time insights. However, finding the right tool that is accurate, efficient, and easy to use is difficult.

No need to be worried!

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most effective and best Twitter follower tracker tools that can help you track and analyze Twitter followers growth of any public Twitter account. Let’s dive in,

8 Best Twitter Follower Tracker Tools

  1. FollowerAudit
  2. Manage Flitter
  3. Tweepi
  4. SocialRank
  5. DoesFollow
  7. TwitterAudit
  8. TUNS

Twitter follower trackers

1. FollowerAudit

FollowerAudit logo

FollowerAudit is an automated, subscription-based Twitter follower tracker tool. It can audit the Twitter profiles of any public Twitter platform and identify fake or inactive followers. It can also track the Twitter followers growth of any Twitter account. Doing so can help you evaluate the authenticity of the Twitter follower base of influencers.

You can identify influencers with genuine followers and choose the right brand advocate to represent and promote your brand. Moreover, you can also monitor and measure the impact of your Twitter marketing campaigns by monitoring the Twitter followers growth metrics.

Lastly, you can also track followers that unfollow your Twitter profile. You can extract lists of such users and evaluate their Twitter profiles to decide which followers to retain.

How to get Twitter follower tracker report?

Step-wise Guide to get your Twitter follower tracker report using FollowerAudit

1) Log in to FollowerAudit using your Twitter account (Your information is completely confidential)
2) Upgrade to one of its pricing plans which goes with your preference (Twitter Follower Tracker feature is only available to users with upgraded versions)
3) Go on to the Dashboard
4) In the “Profile Tracking” option, select “Track New Profile”
5) Enter the Twitter username of the profile you want to track
6) Click Search
7) The report will be published in a few minutes.

Click here for a sample report. The basic monthly and yearly plans start at $29.99 and $179.99 respectively.

2. Manage Flitter

Twitter followers tracker tool Manage Fitter

ManageFlitter is an efficient Twitter follower tracker tool that can help you grow your follower count. It can help you sort your Twitter followers and people you follow from your lists using a wide range of filters. Also, you can use the proprietary search to find new users to follow and engage with, users that can add value to your Twitter profile.

Lastly, you can also keep track of users that unfollow your Twitter profile. ManageFlitter also provides a free plan but with limited access to the features. The basic plan starts at $12 a month, you get unlimited access to the above-mentioned features along with tweet and engagement statistics.

3. Tweepi

Twitter followers tracker tool

Tweepi is another great Twitter follower tracker tool that you can use to identify fake followers. It offers a fake follower and undesirable follower filter that can help you distinguish genuine followers from fake accounts. It can also identify inactive followers that no longer engage with your brand on Twitter.

Apart from improving the quality of your follower base, it can also suggest users to follow based on predefined criteria. Tweepi also offers a free plan to users but provides very limited access to its features. The premium plan for Tweepi starts at $13 per month.

4. SocialRank

track Twitter followers with SocialRank

SocialRank is an excellent Twitter follower tracker tool that can help you enhance the quality of your Twitter follower base. It can help you extract the list of all your Twitter followers. You can also sort your followers using the various filters to identify the target audience.

Furthermore, it can also help you identify influencers that can help you promote your brand. Apart from identifying specific users it can also provide valuable audience insights and help purge your Twitter account of fake followers. The premium plan starts at $24 a month.

5. DoesFollow

find who follows whom on Twitter

DoesFollow is a simple yet interesting free Twitter follower tracker tool. As the name suggests the tool can help you find out if the Twitter user X follows user Y. You can identify users and influencers that your competitors follow. Using the insights you can identify the right users to follow that are related to your industry or your respective niche.


track followers with is an effective Twitter follower tracker tool that can track followers across multiple social media platforms. You can track followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, you can monitor the Twitter followers growth of your brand’s Twitter profile or any public Twitter account.

You can track followers that unfollow you and identify users that don’t follow back. It can identify the most engaging users along with influencers that interact with your Twitter profile. Although the best feature is that you can identify who’s behind a tweet, your history with them, and the hashtags they have used the most.

The premium plan starts at $24.99 a month.

7. TwitterAudit

Twitter followers audit

TwitterAudit is an excellent Twitter follower tracker tool that can track Twitter followers and help you audit any public Twitter account. Using Twitter audit you can identify the right brand advocate to promote your brand and avoid influencer fraud.


track Twitter followers growth

TUNS is Twitter Unfollow’s Notification Service and what it does is pretty easy. It collects a copy of your followers’ list, you can then track Twitter followers periodically to compare your current followers against the list. To make future tests accurate it updates the list each time. If someone is on the old list and not on the current one, it can be inferred that you were unfollowed. T.U.N.S. then notifies you that you have been unfollowed, including a link to the user’s profile and information about who they are.

You can also identify users that engage in the follow-unfollow scam. It is one of the best tools that you can use as a Twitter follower tracker to track Twitter followers growth of any public Twitter account.

Closing Thoughts

Twitter followers growth is an important performance metric that can help you measure the impact of your targeted marketing strategies. The above-mentioned tools are some of the best Twitter follower tracker tools that offer various features that can help you build an authentic and engaging follower base. Evaluate your needs and choose the right tool that can fulfil your requirements.

8 Best Twitter Follower Tracking Tools in 2023
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8 Best Twitter Follower Tracking Tools in 2023
Explore the best Twitter Follower Tracker tools in 2023. These tools can help you keep a check on your Twitter followers activities.
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