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Twitter has evolved, and now it’s much more than just a micro-blogging platform. On January 15th, 2009, a Twitter user uploaded a picture of a plane crash-landing in the Hudson River. This was the day the entire world realized the potential of Twitter as a fast and reliable news source. Today, Twitter has also become a sought-after platform for users to express their opinions or connect with brands and influential figures. In the past decade, Twitter has also cemented itself as a front-runner in the social media marketing landscape. So, if you are using Twitter to promote your brand, you need a Twitter follower tracker to monitor, analyze, and track Twitter followers.

In this post, we are going to discuss the benefits of using a Twitter follower tracker to record Twitter follower history. We will also dive into a step-by-step process of analyzing and interpreting follower data into actionable insights. Last, we will discuss some other important metrics as well. Tracking Twitter followers is important, but we cannot ignore the other metrics that can help you scale your brand to the next level. 

Let’s begin,

Why use a Twitter follower tracker?

Twitter follower tracker: why track Twitter followers

The follower count was once the most important metric for brands and marketers. But the ever-increasing numbers of fake followers forced marketers to replace follower count with engagement as the most important metric. Twitter tried to remedy the situation by updating its algorithm and wiping out fake followers. Although, they were soon replaced by new automated bot accounts that exploited the new loopholes of the algorithm. However, this does not make the follower count a vanity metric. A large, loyal, and engaging follower base can help you establish your brand’s authority in the industry and increase your social media presence.

While your Twitter follower count is not the only important metric, it definitely provides various valuable insights. These insights or metrics can help you plan effective social media strategies to grow your business. A high follower count also makes it easier for users or consumers to trust your brand. This can help you attract the attention of potential customers and increase conversion rates for your brand. Every brand, marketer, and social media manager must analyze their followers. The changes in these metrics can also help you analyze the impact of implemented strategies. You can easily distinguish between strategies that work and the ones that don’t.

Important Twitter Follower Growth Metrics

important Twitter follower growth metrics

Using a Twitter follower tracker to track followers is important, but there are a lot of follower growth metrics to look at. These metrics can overwhelm new users and at the same time confuse them. Deciding which follower metrics to track can be difficult as all the metrics provide useful insights. Also, depending on the size of your audience, these metrics may change every day. You have to monitor, analyze, and compare these metrics every day.

Now that we have established how important a Twitter follower tracker is, let’s delve a little deeper and look at some important follower metrics that you should monitor. Let dive in,

  • Followers: This metric is pretty self-explanatory. It represents the number of followers that follow your brand’s Twitter profile. These are the metrics that most followers see when they open your Twitter profile. Once you start to use the Twitter follower tracker, you can identify followers that have been following your brand and stayed loyal to it for a long time.
  • Following: Similar to the followers, this represents the number of individual users that you follow. Brands, celebrities, or influencers follow a few known people or accounts. For example, @mkbhd, a widely known and respected tech influencer, and YouTuber has over 5 million followers but follows only 402 accounts. These could be other influencers, celebrities, brands, followers, etc.
  • Followers-Following Ratio: The followers-following ratio is an important metric for brands and marketers. It helps them identify influencers to promote your brand. By analyzing followers and following, you can determine the influence of an influencers Twitter profile. High follower counts if accompanied by low following count, hold more influence in the industry or the community. It is also great for identifying fake followers. Fake followers and bots follow multiple Twitter accounts, but they themselves have very few followers.
  • Follower Quality: Follower quality is another important metric that you should consistently monitor if you want to build an engaging and loyal follower base. This metric classifies your audience into groups based on the amount of engagement each user provides. You can identify users that frequently engage with your brand, along with the inactive users that no longer engage. This assessment can help you identify and remove followers that no longer add value to your brand.
  • Account Age of Followers: The account age of the followers is exactly what it sounds like. It provides the dates when your followers created their Twitter account. A Twitter follower tracker can help you identify users that have followed and engaged with your brand for the longest time.
  • Tweet Count of Followers: The tweet count of followers is a metric that groups your Twitter followers based on the number of tweets they have posted.
  • Most popular Followers: Most popular followers are users that have a high follower count, or high engagement rates, or both. This category generally includes influencers or other brands that follow your Twitter profile.
  • Followers with Maximum Lists: These are the followers that are included in the many Twitter lists of other users. Any user that has been included in many lists is usually an influencer or expert in the industry. They can help you find quality connections to increase the reach and social media presence of your brand.
  • Verified Twitter Users: Verified Twitter users are accounts that have been authenticated by Twitter itself. Any account with a verified badge is a genuine Twitter user.
  • Followers Last Tweet Date: As the name suggests, with the help of a Twitter follower tracker you can group Twitter users as per the date of the last tweets made through their accounts.

How to Access Your Twitter Follower Growth History?

how to access your Twitter follower history: Twitter follower tracker

Twitter allows you to track and monitor your performance metrics through native Twitter analytics. You can access a 28-day summary of your Twitter profile. The 28-day summary includes various analytical insights. Although, Twitter removed the audience insights section from the native Twitter analytics.

However, you can request your entire Twitter history since the creation of the account. You can extract specific data using the many filtering options.

To access your Twitter history, just follow these simple steps,

  1. Login in to your Twitter account
  2. Click on ‘More’, then click on ‘Settings and Privacy’
  3. Under ‘Your Account’ section, click on ‘Download an archive of your data’
  4. Click on request archive option
  5. The data will start generating in a few seconds, and you will receive a detailed report in your email.

You can access all the data and analytics from the day you created your Twitter profile. Nonetheless, there is no way to download your entire Twitter followers’ growth history except by doing it manually. You might not be able to check your history, but you can certainly make a list of all of your followers. Although, imagine if a Twitter account has thousands or millions of followers.

I suggest using a Twitter analytics tool to extract the Twitter followers list in an easy-to-navigate Excel/CSV file.

To know how to download your Twitter Archive Data on different devices and track old tweets continue reading here – Twitter Search History.

How to Track Someone Else’s Twitter Followers?

To track someone else’s Twitter followers, you need an automated Twitter follower tracker tool.

Track Twitter Follower Growth with: FollowerAudit

FollowerAudit-Twitter follower tracker tool

FollowerAudit is an AI-driven Twitter follower tracker tool that is primarily designed to track fake Twitter followers. But it can also track Twitter followers of any public Twitter account. This tool can not only track followers but also provide instant notifications on gaining or losing each follower. You can extract the list of new and lost followers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can also track users that have unfollowed you. The various analytical PDF reports provide various insights that can help you deploy data-driven strategies to maximize success and to grow your brand.

Key features of FollowerAudit,

  • Track Twitter followers’ growth
  • Track Twitter unfollows
  • Identify fake and inactive followers
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Perform Twitter audit
  • Identify influencers
  • Track Someone else’s Twitter followers

It is a great tool that can help you access the authenticity and credibility of the followers of any public Twitter profile. The basic monthly and yearly plan starts at $29.99/$179.99, respectively.

Steps to Track Twitter Followers with FollowerAudit

Tracking Twitter followers with FollowerAudit is pretty easy. Just follow these simple steps to track the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account. 

  • Go to
  • Log-in with Twitter 
  • Click on ‘Products’ and then on ‘Track Followers’ 
  • Enter the username of the Twitter account you want to track 
  • After you enter the username, simply click on search

And just like that, you can now track, monitor, and analyze your entire Twitter follower base and build a Twitter follower growth history. You can also check our blog listing the best Twitter follower tracker tools

FollowerAudit: Twitter Follower Growth Analysis Features

FollowerAudit provides various Twitter followers insights and metrics that can be leveraged to better understand your target audience. Let’s have a look at some of these very useful features.

Track Twitter Followers

This feature of FollowerAudit enables you to track the Twitter follower growth of any public Twitter account. It also builds a history of your Twitter follower growth since the day you start tracking your followers. You can access your follower growth history whenever you need it. FollowerAudit also notifies you immediately on gaining or losing every individual Twitter follower. You can extract lists of new as well as lost followers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

Analyze Twitter Followers

This feature enables you to analyze your Twitter follower base regardless of how big an audience size you have. First, you get an Excel/CSV list of all the analyzed Twitter followers along with a separate list of the users you follow. Analyzing Twitter followers can provide various valuable audience insights that can help you better understand your target audience. It can also help you plan and deploy personalized marketing and advertising strategies to grow your brand’s social media presence and increase conversion rates. 

Track Twitter Unfollowers 

There are many reasons why a user may unfollow. A Twitter follower tracker can help you track your follower growth and identify users that unfollow your Twitter profile on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can also identify users you follow, but don’t follow back. 

Fake Follower Audit

This feature enables you to identify fake followers, bots, trolls, and spam accounts from your Twitter follower base. Unlike other Fake follower audit tools, FollowerAudit analyzes the entire Twitter follower base rather than just a small sample. You get access to accurate Twitter audit statistics and insights that can help you build an authentic and engaging follower base.

Inactive Twitter Accounts

Inactive Twitter followers are accounts that have been following your account but haven’t posted tweets or engaged with other users for a long time. While these users do inflate your Twitter follower count, they don’t do anything other than that. They don’t engage with any of your tweets or content, neither do they help generate revenue. 

These are mostly users that once created a Twitter account and forgot about it or couldn’t figure out how Twitter works. There was also a time when Twitter wiped fake followers from the platform and updated its guidelines. Many users operating fake followers abandoned old accounts and replaced them with new accounts to exploit the loopholes in the updated algorithm. Some of these inactive followers may be fake accounts. 

Nonetheless, you are better off removing them from your Twitter follower base. They won’t like, reply, retweet, or participate in social media campaigns organized by your brand. Similarly, it is unlikely that these users will help you increase conversion rates or sales. Also, these inactive users tamper with your performance metrics, which in turn impacts your strategic decision-making. 

How to Decide Which Followers to Track?

which followers to track?

Ok, now that you have figured out how to use the Twitter follower tracker, let’s look at the kind of users you should be tracking.

Track your competitors

Identifying your competitors is easy, but which competitors to follow can be a bit difficult. So, to begin, you can start tracking an established competitor or brand in the industry. It can help you dissect their social media moves and deploy effective and proven strategies to increase your brand’s social media presence. In a similar way, you can also identify ineffective social media marketing strategies and avoid making the same mistakes as your competitors. 

Identify Most Popular and Engaging Users 

These are users that add value to your brand’s Twitter profile. Users that often engage with your brand help create conversations that further drive engagement and encourage other users as well to engage with your content. Such users are worth tracking and sometimes even worth following. 

Influencer marketing is the most effective paid marketing channel in 2021. Many brands and marketers say the revenue generated through influencer marketing is often similar or greater than other paid marketing channels. Thus, you must identify and track influencers that engage with your brand. To identify influencers, look for users that have a high follower count as well as high engagement rates.  

You can also analyze the Twitter follower base of your competitors to identify influencers that engage with their content. 

Identify Verified Twitter Accounts 

These are Twitter accounts that have been authenticated by Twitter and have the blue checkmark. These are known institutions, experts, political figures, etc. Use Twitter follower tracker to identify such Twitter accounts from your follower base, they can help you find and establish quality connections and increase the reach and exposure of your tweets.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is a highly competitive social media marketing platform. Social media users are now more informed and seek quality content that adds. It’s no longer easy to grow followers by just posting updates and news. You need a combination of every social media marketing strategy to stay relevant for the users. A Twitter follower tracker can track follower growth and analyze followers to provide actionable insights that can enhance your Twitter marketing strategies. 

If you think I missed something important, please let me know in the comments. 

Until next time!

Twitter Follower Tracker: The Definitive Guide for Marketers
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Twitter Follower Tracker: The Definitive Guide for Marketers
Twitter Follower Tracker: The Definitive Guide for Marketers
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